Saturday, May 28, 2011

10 Things about Rufio

1. He doesn't like fruit. I've tried giving him blueberries, grapes, strawberries, apples and watermelon. He will gladly accept fruit and play with it for a while, but never eat it. I have to pick it up and throw it away later. He does like meat, cheese and bread.

2. He chases squirrels.

3. He finally lifted his leg for the first time whilst peeing the other day (he's 15 months old). He did it once, but reverted to his old ways and hasn't lifted it since.

4. There's one part of our walk, where he once found an unwrapped Slim Jim. I didn't let him eat it, but ever since that day, he always spends extra time sniffing the area for more Slim Jims.

5. He likes to stick his head out the car window at all times.

6. Our neighbors have two black cats that Rufio has come to ignore, but upon meeting them for the first time, he got dangerously close to getting his nose scratched. The cats hissed and arched their backs, and Rufio just lunged in and out, trying to get them to play. Finally I pulled him away, as I feared for his life and mine.

7. He still lies in his hammock, but he scratched it up so much that it's more of a fort now than a hammock.
8. He crawls on the back of the couch like a cat.

9. He started nipping at my ankles when I get home from work. I think it's because he's excited and not because he's herding me. I'm breaking him of it.

10. Sometimes during our walks, he trots along so quickly that I let go of the leash to see how far he'll walk before noticing I'm not behind him. He usually does a double-take after a minute and stares at me as if saying, "Why are you just standing there?" Then I laugh at him, because the joke's always on him. Not me. Ever.
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