Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Celebrating Great Men

Saturday, after my first day of filming in the 95 degree Florida heat, I went to Zane's company end-of-semester celebration dinner. I drove straight from film set to dinner. So along the way, I ran into a Target bathroom to wash my face, put on make up and do my hair, because I had been a sweaty mess earlier that day. Life is fun when it's busy.

The event was at this beautiful house on a lake.

I got to see my hubsy get promoted! His boss read a list of wonderful things that Zane's coworkers have said about him, then announced his name. The whole room cheered and chanted his name. It was more than enough to make this wife extremely proud. I feel so blessed for us to be a part of such an uplifting group.

Matt and Zane in what seems like a dust storm.

The evening continued like that, with cheers and encouraging stories about each of the men on the team. I shed several tears and thanked the Lord for what He's doing through these great men.

I'm also very grateful for the other wives. During Zane's first year with Booster, I was the only wife! Now a year later, there are five of us (and counting)! These are such sweet women that I've been able to get to know, laugh with and comiserate with over the last few months. Such a blessing.

Lovely ladies! Can't wait for the single men to add to our numbers.  

Team Orlando!
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