Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mom of Two: Eight Months In

Amy has been alive and thriving in the open world for eight whole months now! We have slipped into a natural family-of-four groove.

This month Amy hit several milestones. She's got her pincer grasp down and prefers to feed herself at the table. She eats eggs, peas, carrots, beans, sliced blueberries, sliced grapes, strawberries, cantaloupe, but her favorite of all is watermelon. She would probably eat anything we gave her.

She pulls up on everything, which means small objects have been moved to even higher spaces. She has started bouncing and very unsteadily walking along surfaces.

She uses her voice a lot more for getting our attention or expressing emotion. So far no actual words, but plenty of variations on "Ah!"

For the last few weeks she has been unpredictable at night. We've had to let her cry it out a couple times, always carefully monitored. She's cutting at least two teeth, and adjusting herself down to four feedings a day and two naps. For the most part she only really cries when she actually needs something and stays happy the rest of the time.

We moved her into a convertible carseat, since she almost outweighs her infant carrier. It's a bummer to take her out of the carseat when she's sleeping, but she always wakes up happy.

As for me and my adjustment to mom-of-two-ness, I wonder when I will feel rested again. Zane and I take turns letting each other "sleep in," which basically means go back to sleep after the kids wake up. I try to synchronized nap time when possible, so I can sleep too, but most of the time I am tired. I know someday I'll be well-rested and sad that they are grown, so I can rationalize myself into "enjoying" that part, but dang it, I'm tired.

I find myself looking forward to a lot when Amy's a toddler and can participate in things more, when I'm weaned and can be away from her without pumping. There are still plenty of times when I just squeeze her and smile at her and consciously experience the joy of having a baby. She is joy.