Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mom of Two: Three Months In

Last month was the turning point for me in my adjustment to this new normal, praise God. I made it through the "fourth trimester"!

Zane had three weeks off of school in December, and it was just in time. At the beginning of his break, he woke up with Daisy, so I could sleep in a little longer each day. By the end of the break, Amy was sleeping through the night, and I felt like a new woman.

Early in January, we were hanging around the house. Zane was in the kitchen; Daisy was playing; I was rocking Amy. I felt such peace. Everything was right. I realized that I had gotten used to having two kids. 

Further proof of my new-found adjustment is that recently I had a memory of something over the summer and thought, "Wait, what did I do with Amy during that?" Oh yeah, she was in my belly!

Amy is so much fun now. She interacts, smiles, coos, and wants to be part of the action at all times. She's so strong too, trying to sit up and roll over. Neither has happened yet on her own. She's also out of the ballpark in terms of height and weight percentile for her age. She's a good eater!

Along with my feeling of "I got this" with two kids has come a sense of contentment with this stage of life. After many months of disliking life in our new town, I have come to like our little apartment. It's super quick to clean. After getting home from errands, I feel peace walking in the door, shutting out the world to rest and enjoy our little sanctuary. I have explored the area enough that I have a pretty good mental map of where things are located. Our new home has finally become home.

I still have lots of dreams and goals on the horizon. I can't shut off that part of my personality. But, here and now, this is good. Nursing school is good. Tampa is good. Two kids is good.

Whew, it happened. I adjusted. Now, what to change next...