Friday, October 29, 2010

Kinda Like Daisy Chains

Rufio and I relaxed outside in the shade of the pine trees the other day.
 I got creative and made him a pine needle collar.
It's like a daisy chain...only prickly, and hard to weave, and not as pretty.

I have a compliant dog.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fairy Halloween Costume!

Zane and I had big asperations for Halloween this year. Our plans got a little bit foiled, which is okay. Because of this, I was going to dip out on making a costume, but then I remembered that my office is pretty serious about "Harvest Day." Yeah, costume contest, prizes, breakfast at the office, the whole shebang. ("She bangs, she bangs"...anyone? That guy that was famous for a couple months...for singing badly? Nevermind.)

Oh - the big asperations? Well....I can't tell you everything, in case we do it next year. BUT! I'll tell you this: I was going to be a famous fairy. Without my entourage, it doesn't matter what fairy I am, so I decided to go generic for the office party tomorrow.

Generic Fairy Costume!

A few weeks ago I bought a lacy, bright green top and a weird, crocheted-looking muted green top from Thriftko. The muted top was my plan for a fairy skirt. The fabric texture looks like leaves or vines or something. Here it is with Rufio intruding on my picture.

The first thing I did was rip out the sleeves and the seams at the shoulders. I wanted it to be a tube, which would then turn into a skirt.

Then I got a shoelace from Zane, which was a brownish color. I threaded this through the bottom hem of the shirt. I planned on flipping the shirt upside down - the shoelace acting as a drawstring.

Here's a close up of what I mean! I ended up knotting it, but on my first try I used a bow. You can also see the texture of the skirt better in this photo.  

Then I chopped up the bottom of the skirt to look all leafy. I used the pieces that I cut off and sewed them all around the front and back of the skirt, to look more ruffled.

Threw on my bright lacy top, black leggings, and a leather belt and voila. A coworker is letting me borrow wings to finish my fairy outfit. I might do my make up, but I'm kind of a low-key costume-wearer (as in, I like it to be about the clothing, not the make-up and hair...although, those are important too).

I can double this skirt for a Tarzan/Jane theme, or lost boy, or maybe an elf. And I can definitely save it for when Zane and I pull out the big guns. Perhaps next year.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bok Tower Gardens

Zane and I went to the Bok Tower Gardens on Saturday. It was part of our day date. We don't do those very often, and we had to be really strict with our schedules to prioritize this day.

First we started in the museum. It was interesting to learn about the tower and the bells.

Some of the bells are pretty huge.

Then we walked through the gardens. There are tons of little pathways and hidden benches. The entire garden is meant for resting and enjoying nature. It was so peaceful.
My first sighting of a preying/praying mantis. Plus it was brown. It's totally watching me take its picture.

I've never seen lily pads this big. It looks like something out of Zelda. Wait, I think I did see it in Zelda - Forest Temple, Wind Waker? Or was that Ocarina of Time? It's all jumbled in my mind.

We relaxed on this lawn for a while. It was such a beautiful day. The oak trees provided plenty of shade, while we listened to the 30 minute carillon concert.

Next time, we're taking a blanket and a picnic.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Unwanted Adventure

I've always wanted to have an adventurous life. I dreamed about travel and acting and marriage and children. I didn't dream about infertility. But hey, I don't always get to choose what adventures I undertake. Sometimes they are chosen for me...and sometimes they're not wanted.

I have a lot of reservations about blogging on this part of my life, but I've been greatly encouraged by others' blogs on the topic, so hopefully it will be encouraging to you or at least educational.

Zane and I are currently on a journey through infertility.

These are are some reasons why I haven't posted about infertility:
- I fear that people will put me into their accurate/inaccurate perception of what that means.
- I fear that people will want to talk to me about it, and I don't necessarily want to talk to people about it, even though I am blogging about it.
- I think, "What if I get pregnant this month and I just announced to the world that I'm infertile?" Well, then praise the Lord.
- It's embarrassing. Yeah, it shouldn't be, but it is.
- It's uncomfortable. It's like when there's a bunch of people about to eat a cake and that one person is like, "Oh, sorry, I'm diabetic. No, no, keep, it's okay." Awkwardness. Then everyone's not sure of what to do or say. They might even feel bad because they can eat tons of sugar and that other person can't.
- I don't want advice from everyone and their brother.
- I don't want attention because of it.

I'll be blogging more about this part of my life and how God has been working in my heart. I recently had the opportunity to guest post on a friend's infertility blog, so if you want to learn about what God's been doing so far, you can read my post here.

Also, I'd really appreciate it if people would read these rules before commenting or really, just talking to anyone who is struggling through this. These "rules" are from another infertility blog, and I found them to be totally relevant and helpful.

That's all for now, stay tuned.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

HISMSV - The Big Texan

HISMSV - How I spent my summer vacation.

Yep, still embarrassed to be blogging about summer, but hey - this is important stuff!

My sister lived in Amarillo, Texas for a semester, so she knows what to do for fun in Amarillo, Texas. Had she not told me, hundreds of billboards along every road leading to Amarillo told me: eat at the Big Texan!

 Because everything's bigger in Texas!

If you can eat a whole 72oz steak + sides, then you get it free. That's their claim to fame. We did not participate. Although, Zane is enjoying a steak, just not 72 ounces.

Part of the experience is taking a photo in the big Texan rocking chair.

Boy, them Texans love their state. There was a waffle iron in the shape of Texas in the gift shop. I didn't buy it. But I might be tempted to buy one in the shape of Florida. Let's hear it for state pride, Floridians!

Everything's wetter in Florida. I meant better!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

HISMSV - Walnut Canyon

HISMSV = How I spent my summer vacation.

It's somewhat embarrassing to be writing about the summer now that it's already October. I mean, I should have written all these posts in July or August, but I tend to procrastinate. Well, never fear, I will persevere! I have more interesting destinations from our summer road trip to share with you.

Just east of Flagstaff is a national monument called Walnut Canyon. I don't remember how I found this place online, but once I saw pictures, I decided we had to go. It looked so cool. Cave dwellings! You can beat that!

The hike was a very easy, one-hour hike. It was a great day for hiking - a little overcast. We took our time and enjoyed the views. We were the only ones on the trail for most of the hike. I recommend it.
I'm demonstrating how native Americans lived in them so many years ago. They slept just so.

Some of these walls have been restructured in the way that the native Americans would have built them. The modern builders used the same materials as the natvies would have used.

Standing with the cave dwelling at your back, you see this awesome view of the canyon.

Across the canyon there are more cave dwellings! It was fun to imagine what it would have been like to live in them during that time period.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Twilight Princess

I started a new Zelda game. Twilight Princess.
At first, Zane said I couldn't play it until I finished Ocarina of Time. But I convinced him that it would be okay. Then after I started the game, I felt the need to play all the time. That's how I know it's fun.

Well, something happened to me. I started getting motion sickness. I thought it only happened when I watched other people play video games, but no. It happens when I play them if the graphics are advanced enough.

Sad day. I can play in 20 minute increments, and thus have been slowly pushing through the game. Maybe this is a good, built-in time allotment. I used to play for hours if I wasn't careful. Now, after 20 minutes, my head is throbbing and I have to close my eyes. Sad day.

Maybe I will go back and finish Ocarina of Time with its primitive graphics. Then I'll go farther back in Nintendo time and play the NES Zeldas. Apparently that's all I can handle.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Booster Dog

The first ever (to my knowledge) Booster gear for dogs!
Designed exclusively for Rufio by Deborah
Zane and I have been saying how Rufio is total Booster. He's enthusiastic, he's got great character. He's high-energy, and he delivers a remarkable experience. He's an all-around amazing dog who is out there to change the world.
Here he is, rockin' the outfit. I made it from a youth small all-start shirt. I just used my savvy seamstress skills to re-design it into dog gear. Savvy?
Rufio got tired of the photo shoot, so he went to the other side of the room. But I still took pictures of him. Hellooooo, I have a zoom feature! You can't escape me, little man!

Booster gear for pups will be making it's live debut at the Orlando Booster team weekend retreat!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Corn Maze

Last year, Zane and I went to the corn maze at Long and Scott Farms. We had so much fun, that we invited other people to join us this year!


In the maze, there are a bunch of stations where you find the answers to questions and fill our your worksheet. Last year, Zane and I finished the whole worksheet and found our way out of the maze in 1.5 hours. This year we did it in 1 hour and 25 minutes. Yep, we broke the record by 5 minutes. Booyah.

Who's going with us next year?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Acting 101

Zane and I have been attending an acting class through Art's Sake Studio. It's a 12-week class, and tonight's class is our halfway mark.

Basically, I love it.

I have such limited experience in the acting world. I did some theater acting in high school, which I totally loved. Then last year a friend let me be part of her student film, which was really nice, because I had zero experience on a film set. I kept starting after the "take one" instead of waiting for "action." Can we say amateur? Uh, yeah.

Skip ahead to present day. I decided to kick it up a notch by taking an acting class. It's been such an encouragement! I had hardly any confidence in this, but my fellow students have really made me feel like I have some talent.

So I auditioned a couple weeks ago for a role and was offered the part. Success! Another confidence boost. Next on the list, build a resume, get a headshot, find an agent. That's actually the next three things on the list.

I'll keep you posted!