Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Comfort of Familiarity

Here are 3 things that have recently occurred and resulted in that feeling of comfort due to familiarity.

1. A little while ago, football season kicked off. I don't really consider myself a football widow, because my husband is very conscious to keep me feeling more important than football. This usually means he watches only 1 game per weekend. Some wives are shocked right now that that's even possible.

Anyways, one Sunday I woke up from a nap and walked into the living room where the Buck's game was playing. (side note: my former Ohio-ian coworkers refer to the Buckeyes as "the Bucks," but we Floridians know that "The Bucks" are the Buccanneers. Even I know that, and I hate football.) I sat on the couch and felt a wave of happiness come over me. Something about Sunday afternoon football is very warming. I couldn't care less about the game, but just having the game on made me feel peaceful, like this is how fall should be.

2. Recently I got flyers in the mail advertising fall-type decor. I remembered I have fall-type decor, which I purchased last year. I switched out my silk flowers, flipped my turkey kitchen towel over the stove handle, and hung the "Hearty Autumn Welcome" door knob sign.

A different wave of happiness came over me than the football kind. This time I felt familiar because this is my stuff, and this is the second time I'm using it, which makes it a tradition. Zane and I have been married long enough to have a tradition in place. It was that weird feeling that it was already fall again, but I liked it because sometimes time should feel like it went by quickly.

3. Today I knew it was going to be beautiful weather, because Zane told me a cold front was coming. If that wasn't enough, there were also the many facebook statuses which echoed praises of today's beautiful morning. Additionally, my house was 76 degrees when I got up, even though the thermostat was set at 78. Since it's my day off, I decided to spend some of it outside.

I put on my jogging clothes and set out through the neighborhood. (By "set out" I mean briskly walked, because I'm not a runner or jogger). My mind flooded with memories from last fall. The most vivid of those memories was a particular walk that Zane and I took where we dreamed about our future: house, kids, money, the works. Remembering that walk filled me with happiness again.

All this to say, fall has thus far made me quite happy. Tomorrow is October. Though I know that the last 3 months of the year will go by quickly, I plan on making more wonderful memories to connect to this lovely fall season. Maybe someday we'll even live in a place where the leaves change. Until then, I'll enjoy my chilly 76 degree house.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Whistle While You Eat

Zane and I played a fun game at dinner tonight. It was completely spontaneous, which made it super romantic in my opinion.

I made beanie-weenies (I'll blog about my lack of cooking skills later). It was really hot, so while we were sitting in silence waiting for our food to cool, I started blowing on the beans in my spoon. I thought I'd be cute (by cute, I mean funny/annoying) and started whistling as I blew on my food.

The first song that people usually whistle (at least I do) is jingle bells. I whistled the entire song over a few different bites, until Zane said "You can stop now."

I smirked. He said, "Were you waiting for me to tell you to stop?"

I said, "No, just to acknowledge that I was whistling." What kind of answer is that? I don't know.

He replied, "You're whistling."

Then I started it up again. Not to be annoying, but because it really was more fun than blowing on my food. As I put my spoon in my mouth, Zane starts whistling on his spoon.

He whistled one of the themes from Lord of the Rings and smirks back at me.

So I whistled Pirates of the Caribbean.

So he whistled a different Lord the Rings theme.

So I whistled Indiana Jones.

So he whistled Star Wars.

So I whistled a third Lord of the Rings theme.

So he whistled X-Files.

Then I was stumped. I tried to think of the Last of the Mohicans or E.T., but all I could think of was Lord of the Rings and we had already done that movie 3 times.

After I acknowledged his win, neither of us could think of the Last of the Mohicans theme. We looked it up on YouTube. Now I'll be singing it all night and dreaming about running through upstate New York with Daniel Day Lewis.

Just another regular dinner with Zane and Deborah. Next time you eat with us, have some tunes in your head ready to whistle.

The Florida Gardener

Generally speaking, I have had a bad relationship with plants. I forget they exist, which means forgetting to water, which means impending death for those poor plants.

Until I got smart about it. I put my plants near the sprinklers that water the bushes which belong to the condominium. That, plus rain and occasional hand-watering when I notice they're drooping, has kept my plants alive!! This success has given me a new excitement for gardening.

Tonight, Zane and I went to Walmart to get some odds and ends. I hate that store, but going with Zane is the only thing that makes it okay. I always get quality time when I go with Zane because we browse the merchandise and talk about what we like and why. It's like a date, but not quite as good as a real date.

Back to plants, Zane and I parked near the gardening entrance, which meant a peruse around the greenery. I was familiar with many of the plants from reading a Florida gardening book that my coworker let me borrow in preparation for the yard I'll own someday.

Long story short[er], I now own a plumbago. It's a pretty blue shrub that I have seen nearly everywhere since I became aware of its existence. I don't have a photo of it yet, but here's a photo of where it sits among a trio of plants in my little yard:

On the left you'll see my sago palm, which I propagated from my parents' palm. The back-right is a begonia, which is hardy, but not very pretty I think. The front-middle is my favorite: the penta. I love this plant. It's so hardy and has beautiful dark green leaves and bright red flowers.

Resilience is admirable in any organism. I try to be like my pentas: resiliant and beautiful.

I'll update you when I get to know my plumbago. I hear it's also hardy and resilient. If it survives my gardening skills, then I'll plant it in the ground at our new house, wherever that will be.

New house? That's a whole new post!

Writing for the Writer

I'm currently taking a writing class, where I'm supposed to be dishing out assignments every other week.

I also try to keep a daily journal, which really ends up being 3-4 times a week journal.

My job involves writing for the newsletter.

I'm keeping a blog? Poorly.

I will do better! I'm writing another post tonight to prove it to you all!!