Saturday, July 27, 2013

DIY Felt TARDIS Magnet

Zane and I finally became Whovians this year when we started watching the new episodes of Doctor Who on Netflix. This show is fantastic!

In addition to incorporating phrases like "Allons-y" and "Wibbly wobbly, timey, wimey stuff" into our everyday vocabularies, I recently created a TARDIS magnet in tribute to The Doctor. We also may or may not have discussed transforming a bedroom door into the TARDIS as well.

For all of you who are currently saying, "What's a TARDIS?" The TARDIS is Doctor Who's time-traveling space ship that looks like a police box but is way bigger on the inside. Watch the show. 

This is a simple sewing version of this DIY felt TARDIS magnet. 


Stiff blue felt 
Floppy blue felt (that's not a technical term - this is for a the sewing version)
Black felt
White felt
Black thread
White thread/needle
Small magnet
Hot glue gun/glue

DIY Felt TARDIS Magnet

1. Cut the stiff felt into a long rectangle with a little top hat. Mine is approximately 3x6'' from the top of the hat to the bottom. Cut a shorter rectangle of floppy felt.

2. Cut six holes out of the smaller, floppy felt. The real TARDIS has eight panels, but I make mine with six, because it's easier.

3. Place the floppy felt on top of the stiff felt and sew around the perimeter of the floppy felt. 
4. Sew between the panels, creating a nice three-dimensional shape. 

5. Cut small squares out of the white felt for windows. Sew them on with one horizontal stitch across the middle, and two vertical stitches to create a six-paneled window. 
6. Cut a small rectangle of black felt. Place it just above the windows and sew across the middle horizontally. 
7. Cut a small square of white (or pre-cut it into the dome shape of the light). Place it in the top hat part of the stiff felt and sew it down the same way you sewed the windows.  

8. Trim the top corners of the TARDIS to have a little stair-step to the top. Trim around the light to make it dome-shaped. 
9. Hand-sew the words "Police Box" large with an empty space between them. Then hand-sew "Public Call" small in the empty space. Aim for accuracy with "Police Box" and the basic shape of the letters for "Public Call." 

10. Hot glue a small magnet on the back. 

Voila! You're own TARDIS magnet! If that seems too difficult, or you just don't want to make your own, but you still want one of your own, then visit my etsy shop! I just listed a few, but they're likely to sell out fast!


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Applique Birthday Onesie

I made Daisy and her cousin matching onesies for their birthdays a couple weeks ago. Here's an instructional if you'd like to do the same kind of project!

Materials Needed:

Onesie or t-shirt
Fabric for applique
Heat-n-Bond strips
Thread and Sewing machine

1. Cut out a square of fabric and interfacing for your applique. Follow the interfacing instructions for ironing it together

2. After you bond the fabric to the interfacing, cut out the image for your applique.

3. Measure and cut the bonding strips based on the size of your applique:

4. Lay them down between the onesie and applique:

5. Iron on the applique to the onesie. 

6. Sew around the edges with a zig zag stitch set wide with close stitches. 

7. Iron again to finish it up. I added bows to mine and made matching tutus as well. But that's basically it!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy First Birthday, Daisy!

Daisy's birthday was at the end of June, but we celebrated it over the course of a month.

Celebration #1

Her first celebration was with my family on Father's day. We had lunch, sang to her and gave her a cupcake, which she ate very daintily. She wasn't sure about the singing, but there were no tears. Afterwards, she enjoyed her presents, especially the wooden puzzles.

Celebration #2

In lieu of throwing a party for her (because I don't have time or energy for that), we did a family day the day before her actual birthday. We revisited the major places where we went the day she was born, when I was in labor. It was fun to reminisce at each point about what we were experiencing the year prior.  

First stop was Chick Fil A, where I first when into labor when having lunch with a friend. I remember asking Stephanie to drive me to where Zane was, because my contractions were coming four minutes apart. 

We let Daisy have a taste of ice cream, which she enjoyed. 

Next up was the Sanford Winn Dixie, where, per instructions from my midwife, I walked around during the early stages of labor. I remembered feeling self-conscious about people noticing me in pain and thinking I was crazy for being at a grocery store.

Daisy enjoyed walking around the aisles and attempting to pull out all the greeting cards. 

Next was Heart 2 Heart Birth Center, where I did most my labor. We reminisced about the labor time that seemed to fly by for me, but went slowly for Zane, up to the point of my transfer to the hospital at 10 cm. 

Daisy didn't know what we were doing, but she enjoyed getting in and out of the car to take pictures. 

Lastly, we visited outside the hospital. Zane showed me where the ambulance took me in, and where he ran following us across the street. We speculated as to which window was our post partum room. Daisy had fun interacting with some ducks that were out and about looking for food. 

I didn't let her get too close. 

After the hospital stop, Daisy was pooped and fell asleep in the car. We had a great time, and the entire day I was thinking, "I'm so glad I don't have to go through labor today." 

The next day was Daisy's actual birthday, which was only really celebrated with a cute onesie (the first picture on this post) and cake at the end of the night. My sister Lydia and BIL Kevin were with us and my other sister Angela skyped in for the cake. It was totally low-key, which was fine with me. Daisy didn't seem to mind either. 

Celebration #3

Two weeks later, we celebrated in a big party thrown by Zane's mom. This final celebration was a joint party for Daisy and her cousin Maddie, who was born nine days after Daisy. 

I made Maddie a matching birthday onesie, and made them both tutus. Cuties. 

Zane's mom threw a fun family party at the county park where his dad works as a ranger. It was a beautiful day with delicious food, great company, and lots of gifts! We officially have a one year-old, who is a well-loved sweetie pie with the toy hoard to prove it.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cow Day with Daisy!

It's become a tradition in our house to celebrate Cow Appreciation Day at Chick Fil A every summer. We are so die-hard that we keep the same costumes and even dress up our newborn. This year, Daisy was able to fully participate in the free meal. 

She was a darn cute patriotic cow, wearing her recycled Independence Day outfit with added spots. Her only complaint was the scary cow-costumed character that walked around taking pictures with kids. I guess she's not going to be a fan of Mickey Mouse either. 

This year, she wasn't the youngest calf at our table! We met up with friends who dressed their sweet seven month old son as a little cow. He was soooo adorable. Several people stopped to tell them how cute he was. 

Another fun and successful year of dressing as cows for free food.