Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Haircut and a Hiatus

Yesterday I got my hair cut to shoulder length. I've done this countless times in my life, but this particular time was heavier for me. It was more emotional and symbolic than other times. My hair is super heavy and thick, so when I wear it long for too many years, I get frustrated with always putting it in a pony tail because it's too time-consuming to style, so I cut it short.

Plus, Daisy keeps grabbing it and pulling it out. It doesn't hurt (I think I lost my hair nerves a long time ago), but it's frustrating because she's got a tight grip!

So Saturday afternoon Zane kept Daisy, and I got my hair cut. I felt like Anne of Green Gables when she has to cut her hair after dying it green. I felt like Jo March after cutting her hair short and selling it. I gave away my youth. I let the final blow fall on acting.

Acting? What does a haircut have to do with acting?

I've been missing acting a LOT lately. Every show and movie I watch, I think, "I could do that. I want to do that." I started having dreams of being on set (although in my dream I couldn't remember my lines...not fun). I've been scanning castings, but all in vain, because I can't act while I have a nursing baby, and now I don't look like my headshot.

It doesn't seem like a big deal, but I haven't cut my hair short in so long, because I wanted to maintain the same look that I have in my headshot:

(It's important to look like your headshot, because casting directors expect that exact person to walk into the audition.)

Probably by the time my hair grows back out, Daisy will be weaned, and I might actually have time to pursue small film projects, but there you have it. I felt a sense of loss with every snip of the scissors. My acting dreams are put on hold again, not because of a swollen pregnant belly, but because of a sweet little baby.

I've wanted to be a mother so much more than I ever wanted to be an actress, so I'm not resentful. I LOVE Daisy, and I love breastfeeding her, so it's a totally legitimate reason to not be acting.

But, I guess I liked the idea that with long hair I could still go to an audition if I wanted to. Oh well.

Hopefully, I'll look like that headshot when I start up again, but if not, I'll just get new headshots. Maybe I won't be cast as a teen in a couple years anyways. One good thing about acting is there's always a need for people of every age.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the fruits of my labors in previous projects. The Wind is going to be playing TWICE in the Orlando Film Festival!! Here's the link for more information and ticketing. Pretty awesome! I'll be in Georgia that weekend, but if you're in Orlando, you should check it out. I am super proud of this film, and I hope that it gets an award. But even if it doesn't, it's a HUGE honor to be in the festival, let alone twice!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Breakfast Club of Casselberry

A restaurant review.

This morning Zane and I got up early to take Daisy to apply for her passport. She did great! We waited at the post office for about an hour before we got seen, but she was a champ. She giggled and cooed, then quietly fussed (how is that even possible?!) for a couple minutes before falling asleep on my shoulder.

Then we had to wake her up for her picture, which turned out AWESOME:
Crazy Hair!

We solemnly swore that she was our kid and sent off her application.

Then we were ready to eat! We passed by the Breakfast Club of Casselberry a couple weeks ago, and decided to try it.

It reminded me a lot of Order Up Cafe, but better ambiance. It's a simple diner, not much for decor, but the walls are light and the tables and floors were clean. You can sit at the bar if that's your style. I always wanted to do that as a kid, but now as an adult, I don't like looking to the side to have a conversation. It's definitely not fancy, and honestly, that's Zane and my style.

Zane ordered an omelet, and I got the pancakes/eggs/sausage breakfast. We were both more than satisfied. We had a super sweet waitress, and everyone oohed and ahhed over Daisy, so there are bonus points there!

Zane rocking his Daisy Love shirt!

The prices were pretty standard. Both our meals were about $6.00. We might go for lunch sometime, because their lunch specials include a sandwich (burger, gyro, sandwich, etc.) fries and a drink for $6.00. It's not as cheap as fast food, but it's comparable to the other local restaurants, and I love supporting local business.

I really wanted to try their biscuits, but I was in a pancake mood this morning. Next time. Or maybe next time I'll try something on the lunch menu.

I definitely recommend this place.

Here's the Urban Spoon listing.
Here's the Facebook page. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy the Piglet

I had so much fun making Sleepy the Elephant that I wanted to try another pattern. I thought it might be fun to do a front-facing animal, so I landed on a pig, because of their cute little noses. It took me about two hours to create Happy the Piglet: 

I made two versions to try out different things, like close button nose holes and different eyes and fabric combinations. This doll is WAY more complicated than Sleepy the Elephant. It took me more concentration, and I thought, "This is why hand-made products are so expensive." Throughout the whole process I was critiquing myself, but I think the by the end, the only thing that mattered was the legs. 

Is it just me, or is it kind of strange to have only two legs when they're facing forward? Sleepy the Elephant only has two legs, but he's looking to the side. I don't know. 

What do you guys think of Happy the Piglet? Cute? Weird? Another possible Esty sale, or is this a "regret-sy"? 

Let me know. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sleepy the Elephant

Today, I was looking at a toy owl that my cousin gave Daisy, and I thought, "I could make something like that." That was when Sleepy the Elephant was born. 

I drew a pattern on a mailing envelope and cut it out. 

I cut out my fabric from these baby fabrics I bought a long time ago from a remnant pile at the fabric store. I wasn't sure what I was going to make with them, but this seemed like a good idea. 

I sewed on the elephant faces. 

I cut a bit of yarn for some elephant tails. 

I sewed the backs to the fronts and flipped them inside out. 

Then I stuffed and hand-sewed up the openings. 

Voila! Sleepy the Elephant!

Now, honestly, is this something that people would buy on Etsy? It crossed my mind that I could sell them (like the owl toy that my cousin gave us). I have to figure out if it's worth the effort, but I could come up with other patterns and improve on this prototype. 

Let me know what you guys think. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Up-cycled Sun Dress

I have this dress that I must have bought back in 2007, because that's when I'm wearing it in this picture. You get super bonus points if you can tell me what city I'm in below:

The dress was a nuisance. The zipper was so hard to zip that I always had to get help. The straps were an after-market add by yours truly, but they never really helped support the dress. I eventually determined it was a bad length and threw it in my sewing basket.

Last week I pulled it out with plans to make a cool hippie shirt.

I ripped a lot of seams! I detached the top part from the skirt, added the shirred back at a lower part on the skirt, and sewed up the side seams. That probably doesn't make any sense, but I don't even remember the details because I did it a couple weeks ago, and I still have some lingering side effects of baby brain.

I don't even remember what this picture was supposed to represent.
Maybe the back of the dress?

I finished all my sewing and put the garment on as a shirt. It was WAY too tight around my chest, so a skirt it became. It's actually pretty cute. But after lunch, it was too tight around my waist too. Still working toward my pre-pregnancy size, but slow and steady wins the race.

I like it better with my shirt tucked in, but since I'm breast-feeding, the shirt out is more practical. I got Zane to take these pictures before church, which is one of the only times of the week I put effort into my appearance (effort = make-up. My hair is more neglected than Rufio these days). The other day is when I go to the office.

Just a little project to help me use the crafty side of my brain during my stay-at-home days!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Rain Poetry

It's been pretty rainy lately, which is typical for Florida this time of year. I found this a few days ago and thought I'd share it with you. If you love thunderstorms, then you will relate to this poem that I wrote in 2001.

The rain came is soft melody.
A flash of lightening brings excitement.
The quiet rumble of thunder in the background as flashes come, adds to the slow pitter patter of the rain on the ground.
The trees sway and lightening flashes again.
Thunder rumbles louder and then softer.
The rain falls faster now.
There's a gust of wind and the rain has a constant sound.
Crackle of thunder.
Pitter patter fast against the background of the rain.
The thunder rumbles.
Bushes sway freely.
The rain and thunder increase in loudness.
Slow thunder rumble.
Fast rain now. It looks like a white mist though closer drops are seen.
It sooths the mind and calms the head.
A rain storm to a Floridian in summer.
Perhaps the billionth she's seen, heard, experienced, loved.
This has become a treat.
God's majesty is shown.
Oh what a lovely sound. Nothing can compare to the song of rain.
Oh so beautiful.
The green plants drinking up as dots splash on the cement beside them.
Some may say for the rain to leave, but she sits at her window and praises God for a melody that is irreplacable.
Thank you, God, for the rain, for the storms.
The rain slows and silence comes again.
Flashes still are seen, and rumbles are heard,
but the trees, damp and happy, know that it has ended.
So sad.
When a beautiful song is over.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

College Funnies

I'm really enjoying glancing through my college blog. I just keep cracking myself up. Here are four funnies that made me laugh: 

December 4, 2004 
So I went to my last class of the day, and it was okay except this happened: It was the last class of the semester and we had a pizza party, but he still insisted on having a class discussion about freedom in early America. 
Two students had differing opinions and while the second student was going on and explaining his standpoint, I think I was zoned out wondering how vegans can have a variety of dishes if they only eat fruits, vegetables and grains. And my professor saw me in my zoned-out state and decided to be really mean and say, "So Deborah, which student's opinion do you agree with?" Well, luckily I am really good at thinking on my feet. So I said, "Wellllll, I'd have to say Devon's." Then I proceeded to say probably the most unintelligent thing I've said all year, but at least I said something. It was enough for the professor to say, "So you're saying..." and free me. I was a little ticked off because he totally did that on purpose. 
The answer to the above question is tofu, I later found out.

January 16, 2005 
I came to S's for dinner, canasta championship and to do my laundry. I usually just toss all my clothes in the washer out of my hamper, so I'm dumping all my clothes and S says, "Are you sure you don't want to separate them?" and I said, "I always just dump them." So we start it and a few minutes later I remember that I brought a school book to read while S watched football. 
Well I go to look for my book in the pocket of my hamper and it's not there. Then the sudden shock came over me that I dumped it in the washer, so I said, "S, did you see my book in the car?" and his dad is like, "haha...she probably is washing it" and I said, "I think I am!!" 
So S stops the washer and I roll up my sleeves and start going through the soaking wet laundry. After a couple minutes of feeling around I feel it and pull it out. Dripping wet -- poor Sitting Bull. I have a project due next Tuesday on it. S's dad put it on a hanger and hung it out to dry on the porch. So now I can't read it while the football game is I'm writing about it. 

February 13, 2005 
Yes, it is true. Being shot with marshmallows (from an air-pressure launcher), a former male-dominated sport, has finally been opened to women. Last night, it's founding members (Katie, Breanna, and Deborah) paved the way for all women to be shot with marshmallows. Here's a little blurb from one of the founding members herself, Deborah:
"Well, I don't really know why I did it--I guess I was just overcome with feminism and I thought, 'hey, women should do this too--are we so weak that we can't be shot with marshmallows?!' Haha, just kidding, I'm not a feminist. I really just did it because Breanna did. It is true though, to be in our club, you have to be hit below the belt, because all three of us were--no matter if the shooters were aiming for the abs. And be sure to wear plenty of protection above the stomach. But all in all, I'm glad I did it." 
Well, there you go folks--straight from the horses' mouth. The club has named themselves Katdebre -- a female version of the well-known men's marshmallow club, Gaeshuckbushtodd, a name created using the last names of the four founding members
That is our breaking news. And remember -- you heard it here first!

April 24, 2005 
I'm supposed to be studying and writing essays, but I really don't want to. So I'm going to write a poem right here right now. Spontaneously off the top of my head. 
Popcorn in my hair  
I don't like to share  
Kept it all to myself 
Then in came my roomie 
She looked kinda gloomy 
So I said, "Here, help yourself." 
That's my attempt at a limerick. I used the syllables in Little Miss Muffet to guide my writing. Now that that took up enough time, I guess I'll go write three essays on the Cold War. 

Ha, I hope this lightened your day as it did mine.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Glimpse into the Past

Today I was doing some amateur backing-up of my old blog (as in I was copying and pasting into a document because I don't want to try to remember how to log into Xanga again), and I laughed out loud at this post. It's the oldest post on the blog, although by the way I started it, I don't know if I was actually my first post.

I just crack myself up, that's all. Maybe you guys will find it funny too, maybe not:

Wednesday, 22 September 2004
Currently Playing
Sugar RayBy Sugar Ray
Answer the Phone 
Okay---my first commentator asked for personal so here it goes:
I'm really stupid and I thought I taped Gilmore Girls, but the VCR was on TBS and the TV was on WB. Don't you love initials? I'm going to rewrite that statement without initials. 
I'm really stupid and I thought I taped Gilmore Girls, but the video cassette recorder was on Turner Broadcasting System and the television was on Warner Brothers. So basically, I had to explain the episode to my sister and mom. I guess that's not too personal. I'll try again: 
I finally got a can of Skintimate so my legs are smoother now. I was using a icky Target brand--but that is a BAD IDEA! 
My roommate's boyfriend called at 7:00am. He thought it was funny. Luckily she hung up on him before he could leave a loud, dare I say, obnoxious message on our machine. He's so sweet.... 
I'm wearing Winnie the Pooh sleepy shorts--to add to my loserdom. But they are actually pretty cool because I can't feel them, so it's like I'm not wearing shorts at all. I know you probably wonder what that feels like. I'll do my best to explain it: it's like when you aren't wearing shorts, but you really are. 
OH!! I know what to write about! Last week I burned myself with my hair straightener--it was my scalp, because my new straightener doesn't have a plastic edge--so today I was running my hand through my hair and I felt a crusty substance on my scalp. Yes, it was the scab from the burn, but not realizing that, I scratched it off with my fingernails, which have gotten pretty long and can hold lots of crusty scabbiness. It was pretty gross--it was like yellowish-white, which means there was never blood, just puss. Hahaha, if that's not interesting, I don't know what is!!! 
Well I have class tomorrow and film. We are watching some more silent films. Score! You guys should check out some of those films. They are awesome. Charlie Chaplin is still funny almost a century after his films were directed, crazy huh? 
Well, to that one fan out there--I hope that was personal enough for you. I'll try to get more personal as I get more used to writing an online journal. 
And yes--I am listening Sugar Ray...has beens? Sure they are.

My favorite part was "it's like when you aren't wearing shorts, but you really are." My second favorite part was something that Daisy will never understand: the VCR.

Maybe it's because I'm a writer, but I love to read things that I wrote when I was younger. As I grow older my memories of things are different in retrospect, so reading those same memories through my eyes at that time makes me think one of two things:

1. Wow, I was so mature.
2. Wow, I was so immature.

I have another gem to share with you in tomorrow.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Baby is the Prize

When I was pregnant with Daisy, Zane got some advice from a stranger (because when you're having a baby, people give you free advice), that he better have a push prize ready for me when the baby came. When Zane got home from work, he told me this, and I said,

"A what?"
"A push prize."
"PUSH prize? Gross..."
"Yeah, she said I should get you jewelry."
"Jewelry? Isn't the baby the prize?"

The answer is yes. The baby is the prize.

Since then, I've heard this term "push prize" or "push present" a few different times. We mentioned it to our midwife who said that she had a mom deliver a baby and then say, "Where's my push present?" to her husband. I was pretty shocked by that.

I'm not really a gifts person, so maybe that's why I don't get this, but I think a push prize reveals a lot about our culture, mainly entitlement.

A woman expects to get a gift because she carried and delivered a child. Where's the logic there? Where's the present for the African woman who just had her baby in a field and went back to work? Where's the prize for the woman who had a scheduled c-section? Is the prize because I had to carry a baby for nine months? Granted, pregnancy is hard, but who's choice was it to carry that baby? "Oh, I'm suffering through pregnancy. Husband, buy me a prize for when this baby finally gets out of me. You have done nothing, and I have done everything." Where's the husband's prize for caring for his pregnant wife for nine months? Who gets a push prize for the single mom who's brave enough to have a baby on her own?

What about the baby showers? Were all those gifts not enough?

The baby is the prize. Surviving nine months of pregnancy and however many hours of labor is the prize. Health is the prize. Living in a country with modern medical technology is the prize. Laying on your tummy again is the prize. Life is the prize!

Madonna said it best, "We're living in a material world, and I am a material girl."

Before we tried having kids, I might have been into the push prize idea. I used to say, "I'm going to have five kids." Then after two years of not being able to get pregnant, I changed it to, "Please, can we have even one? I'll be happy with one, if we could just have that." After infertility, I can't imagine what thing could be more precious or exciting than meeting my own child.

Expecting a push prize is taking too much pride in having a baby. Childbirth is incredible and super difficult, but it's also very normal.

My push prize was Daisy. It was our midwives, doctors, and nurses helping us through labor, delivery, and post partum recovery. It was our friends and families bringing us meals, encouraging us, cooing over our daughter, and supporting us through our first weeks of parenthood. On top of all that, we still got lots of gifts for Daisy. We didn't expect it, and we didn't deserve it. It was incredibly humbling.

I think every mother should receive love and help, but the attitude of "I deserve this" taints gifts. I think expecting a push prize decreases of the value of the baby.

Am I missing something? What are your thoughts? Should childbirth be equivalent to a birthday, Christmas, or anniversary? If there are legitimate reasons for a push prize, let me know, because I know I'm pretty one-sided on this.

P.S. I bought myself some new clothes after pregnancy. If that is the same as a push prize, then I'll concede. But if that's just getting new clothes because your shirts don't fit anymore because you're breastfeeding, then I stand my ground.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tidy Cord Box

Ever since we moved into this house and put the TV in the corner of the living room, this mess of cords in the corner behind the TV table has existed. A dusty, cordy, Rufio-toy mess. 

After two and a half years, the clutter cords finally got on my nerve. I decided to do something about it. 

I started with a handy dandy diaper box. They're just the right size for everything! They're almost the same size as those canvas cubby boxes. Talk about a cheap DIY there! I don't have a cubby bookshelf, but if you have one of those, you could consider this project as a cheaper alternative to buying canvas boxes. 

On one of the handles, I cut straight down to make a hole. With the top flaps are folded in, it leaves approximately a 2''x4'' hole. (If you're making a cubby hole box, then only cut out the handle hole through flap that folds down into the box.)

Then I dug through my scraps drawers and found this old silky brown fabric. It was just the right size for the project. I just hot glued it to the inside and wrapped the box like a present.

Even though it's going in the corner of the living room, I didn't want to have a bright purple diaper box in there. This makes it much more subtle. 

I cut out the fabric in the hole and folded and glued in the edges. The hole is for the cords to go through. 

That ribbon is glued down to keep the ends of the fabric from fraying. It's not very straight, but this project has no need for perfection. I'm not exactly a perfectionist anyways. I'm a "that's good enough for my taste" kind of girl, which is why it's easier to craft and sew for myself than for others.  


I crawled in the corner space (that chair swivels, by the way. It's not usually facing the corner) with my bag of twisty ties and organized all the cords. Now it's all tidy and ready for a throw blanket basket or box when I get around to that project. I already have ideas of what I can use to make it.

Just a little free project that I was able to do from start to finish while the baby slept. My favorite!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Diaper Bag Sewing Project

Since I cloth diapering, I've also started to carry around a couple extra cloths in the diaper bag. The mini-tote I used became too small, and my back-pack diaper bag is too big for regular everyday use. So I made one. 

I went through our stash of bags to see if there was anything else I could use as a diaper bag. I found nothing suitable on its own, but I found this computer bag that I had custom-made in college for my old HP laptop: 

I sewed it out of an old dress and pillow cases. (I've always been a crafty re-maker of things like old dresses and pillow cases.) I knew I wouldn't be using it as a computer bag anymore, so it became fair game for another re-make. 

I didn't take pictures of the process, because I didn't think it would be interesting enough for step-by-step photos. I detached the pink sections and shortened them to about 12 inches. Then I made handles out of what was left of the pink stuff. I used the bottom of an old denim skirt to make the 4-inch panels around the sides of the bag. 

By far the hardest part was installing the zipper. This was my first zipper installation in about ten years and the first ever on my own. I had to rip stitches and start over a few times, but I finally got it right.

Beautiful zipper. 
It's definitely not a perfect construction, but it was completely free and looks great to me. When you only sew for yourself, you can have an imperfectly sewn bag and be perfectly happy.

I didn't want a bag with lots of pockets, so this is perfect. It's just one big space for my paper dipes, cloth dipes, wipes, changing pad, nursing cover, extra pacifiers, breast pads, burp cloths and more if I want. It's super light and all around handy dandy.

I wish I had a picture of that old dress. It started as a little girl-style shift that my sister wore in elementary school I'm guessing. Now it's a diaper bag. Gotta love [basically] free fabric!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Morning Smoothie

In early August I bought a ginormous watermelon for a family party. We didn't even eat half of it, so I ended up with LOTS of watermelon. After a little research, I discovered you can freeze it! So I did. I like to use frozen fruit in smoothies (because it tends to defrost all mushy), so I tried a watermelon smoothie and fell in love.

A few days later, I posted that on facebook and got lots of responses about things to add in my smoothies, like spinach and oatmeal. I tried green smoothies before, and gave up because the spinach was too strong.

Green smoothie fail from earlier this year. I never blogged about it, because it was so gross.
Maybe it was the pears. 
I gave spinach another try. I also added oatmeal per a friend's recommendation. I'd never heard of that before, but it's actually pretty good! I've been having one of these every morning for breakfast for a couple months now. I needed a hands-free breakfast so I could care for Daisy. Plus, it keeps me full until lunch!

The ultimate smoothie
Yummy Smoothie:
1/4 cup of frozen chopped spinach
1/4 cup of raw oats
1 cup of water
2 heaping spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt
2-4 frozen/fresh strawberries
4 cuts of watermelon (2'' cubes)

Those are approximate measurements. The watermelon gives it a slushy texture, but the oatmeal keeps it smooth. It's not as sweet as smoothies from smoothie shops, but it's healthy and yummy enough for me! The color gets all weird because of the ingredients, so it ends up being a greenish brown, but that's okay. 

It only takes a few minutes to make, and usually Daisy falls asleep to the sound of the blender. Yum!

Helping Daisy Love

Right after I announced what we had chosen to name our little baby, a friend shared with me, which is a blog updating the cancer journey of 8 year-old Daisy Love Merrick. I wrote this blog post about it when I first met Daisy Love via the interwebs. 

Not only does my girl share a name with Daisy Love, they were also born in the same month. They could have been born the same day if my Daisy had come early. 

I've been following her story every since. 

There are several fundraising projects going on to pay for the expenses of Daisy's cancer treatment, including a couple that I just had to participate in. Check it out: 

Andrea Montgomery jewelry

This is a beautiful necklace with a daisy charm, love charm, and a pearl, the June birthstone. They're sold-out of the gold version, but there's also a sterling silver version. I'm on the list to get a gold one when they restock. It's a great reminder to pray for Daisy Merrick, while also representing my own Daisy Love. 

And, if jewelry isn't your thing:


Daisy Love t-shirts! Ordered ours yesterday!

Both of these products are more costly than I usually spend on shirts or necklaces, but 100% of the proceeds to go Daisy Love's trust fund, so it's a really great cause!! She's currently undergoing some new (and quite expensive) medical treatments in Israel.

I can't wait to wear my shirt and necklace. When people hopefully comment on them, I can tell them about Daisy Love. What a sweet girl! You guys should check out her story.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Breastfeeding and Homesick

I've heard lots of people talk about the emotions and bonding that goes into breastfeeding. I remember one friend saying that you won't want to give it up. I think I had high expectations for fun, happy times breastfeeding, but lately it's started feeling different than a few weeks ago.

This might be too much information for some people, so if you're like, "Gross!! Feeding a little human from your boobies!!!" Then just skip this post. 

Right when Daisy was born, I was super engorged for a few weeks. I had lots of problems with leaking and almost got mastitis at one point. I probably should have been pumping and freezing, but I was afraid my supply would never level-out if I did that. I managed to get a small freezer supply, but very carefully. 

Last week I leveled-out, and I'm basically making just enough for Daisy, now. Whew!

Now I only let-down when it's her feeding time. I've felt the milk come in during the let-down all along, but now, in addition to the physical feeling, I get this emotional wash of homesickness. 

It's like I wish I was her, all naive in the comfort of my mom's arms. I long for security and safety, but I'm the one that has to give it now. It's a feeling of sadness and unrest. It feels like I need to get away and go back to the place where I was ignorant and child-like and only worried about what toys I'd play with today. It's like I want Zane to say, "I'll take care of you. Don't worry about anything."

As soon as I stop feeling the milk come in, the emotions go away too, but it's pretty icky.

I talked to my mom about it, and she said she had the same feeling when she breastfed us. I looked it up, and it's called Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex, or D-MER. Here's the wikipedia link. I also read through and learned a lot. It's pretty interesting.

Every time I learn something new about pregnancy and motherhood, I think, "Wow! There's still so much I don't know!!"

Luckily, I'm only feeling a mildly depressed, homesick feeling. Some women have it much stronger and even wean early because of it. Everything I've read says that foods that raise dopamine levels help. I'm already regularly eating a lot of them, but I might try incorporating some more!

The human body is just crazy!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Cloth Diapering

Even though I hope to be out of diapers by Daisy's first birthday (ha, we'll see about that), I still have to deal with them throughout this time of her life. 

Most cloth diaper-ers recommend using paper while they're ultra little and going through twelve a day, so we did. We were given a bunch of paper NB and 1's, which we used up by three weeks. So after buying a few more boxes of 1's and 2's, we've spent about $70 on paper diapers. Not bad, but not the direction I want to continue going. 

I was afraid of starting cloth, mainly because I had gotten used to the paper diaper system: wipe and toss. Cloth diapering isn't much different. I'm just tossing into a laundry bag instead of the trash.  

Napping next to her clean diapers. 

I haven't had to buy any cloth diapers, because we were given so many. We have about sixteen that different people gave us. Some are new, some used, many different brands. 

I'm not sure which is my favorite brand. So far, Fuzzy Bunz and Bum Genius are up there. I have a couple home-made ones that velcro instead of snap that I really like too. I have four that don't require stuffing an insert, which is less work, which is nicer for me. Maybe I'll do a post on what I like/dislike about each brand in the future for anyone who wants to know my experience with them. 

Because we were given a bunch of cloth diapers, we've saved a TON of money that normally goes into cloth diapering. Thank you to everyone who gave us diapers!

I just started using cloth on Tuesday, so I'm no expert. I've noticed that she's much more sensitive to wetness in cloth diapers, which will help with infant toilet training for pee. Also, cloth is much bulkier than paper, so I have to put her in bigger onesies, but that's okay!

Here's a great resource that I've gone back to several times: my friend Abby's blog posts on her experience with cloth diapering.

I can see myself switching to cloth wipes pretty easily too. Just a few more things to wash. For now, I'm using my DIY wipes, which have been great! I adjusted the measurements based on a few recommendations from friends, and the result has been just fine (check the comments on that post if you're interested in the measurement adjustment).

Now that I submerged myself, I feel much more comfortable cloth diapering. It was the initial switch that scared me!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Shots

Last week was Daisy's two-month appointment. She's doing great! In the top percentile for height and weight. The doctor said to keep on keepin' on! 

We also did her first round of vaccinations. I know there are lots of different views on vaccines, but we chose to go for it. 

I held her little arms down while the nurse gave her the shots. Daisy's face turned red, and she had that silent scream face a few seconds before she burst out wailing. I started crying too, just a little teary-eyed. I had heard of moms crying when their kids got shots, and now I understand first hand. So hard to watch your kid in pain! 

By the time she got her shots, she was also ready to eat. That made the soothing extra easy. We just went to the nursing room and breastfed. 

She was super lethargic and slept the rest of the day. No fever though. Whew! By the next morning, she was back to normal. Poor little baby! I'm not looking forward to her next round, especially when she gets old enough to look at me with the "Et tu, mama?" face! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Wedding Weekend

Last weekend we drove up to Pensacola for our friends Heather and Olon's wedding! It was the longest road trip we've taken with Daisy so far, and she did great. Having her as a passenger turned an 8-hour trip into a 10-hour trip, but that's okay.

We got in on Friday afternoon, and I went straight to the bachelorette party. Zane was on Daisy-duty, which went okay...not as great as either of us had hoped, but Zane persevered! I had to leave the bachelorette festivities before the party ended to get back to my baby girl, but I know the bride had a fantastic time the rest of the night!

We were up fairly early Saturday morning, due to the Daisy-factor. We drove around looking for a cool restaurant to eat at and found a farmer's market and this guy: 

He found a tasty breakfast.

We also found some statues to take pictures underneath. 

I don't know what this is, but it's a good photo opportunity. 
We spent the rest of the day at the beach with friends, but neither of us took pictures of that. Then it was off to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Daisy was looking fine as usual. 

"99% of my clothes have daisies on them! I love it!" 
Again, I had to leave bridesmaid festivities early, but we had a good time hanging out with the bride and groom a little bit after the dinner was over. 

My sister and bro-in-law stayed with us Saturday and Sunday night, and Sunday morning we went out with friends to a crazy southern cookin' restaurant. Great food, pretty cool (yet suspiciously dirty) atmosphere, and horrible service. It was a restaurant completely staffed by older women. Most of them seemed sweet, but we got the grouchy one as our waitress. I think she had us confused with someone else who did her majorly wrong. We were just looking for a good meal and refills. 

But Lydia got Daisy snuggles, so it was all okay. 

We got ready and headed to the wedding venue, which had been beautifully decorated by the bridesmaids minus me. At this point, I started to feel a little guilty about not being a fully committed bridesmaid, but Heather was really gracious with me, since I had Daisy to care for. Her feeding schedule (and the fact that my body is her source of food) makes it hard to do things. 

Here's some photos of Heather's amazing wedding planning. She did such a great job!



I arrived just in time to witness their first look. It was really sweet. 

The photos and ceremony all went well. Heather wrote the sweetest vows, and if she posts them to her blog, I'll put a link, because they were really awesome. I cried. That was also influenced by watching Olon's face as he told the vows to Heather. I love that part of weddings!

Then it was onto the reception. 

Sweet first dance. I promise I'm not worshipping them. I just get really into the Turtles.

Of course, Daisy was as cute as ever. 

After Heather's dad gave his toast, he came up to Zane and said, "Now I have something just for you: you turn around and you're at her wedding." Or something like that. We both cried when he said that, and I squeezed Daisy's hand and said, "You'll never leave us, right?!" 

Zane got a little daddy-daughter dancing during Unchained Melody.  

There was fun photo booth times as well. 

I was so blessed to be part of this wedding. I've been praying for Olon to come along for a long time, and he and Heather are finally married and living happily. We spent lots of time over the years talking about waiting on God and how it's really hard. The wait is finally over for both of us now.

Love this woman!!
It was a great weekend! 

When we left Pensacola on Monday morning heading east on I-10, I wished we were heading west. I want to go on another adventure, this time taking Daisy with us. Something to look forward to someday. 

It was a great first road trip for Daisy. It was a great wedding. It was a great time spent with friends and family. It was a great weekend.