Monday, September 24, 2012

Up-cycled Sun Dress

I have this dress that I must have bought back in 2007, because that's when I'm wearing it in this picture. You get super bonus points if you can tell me what city I'm in below:

The dress was a nuisance. The zipper was so hard to zip that I always had to get help. The straps were an after-market add by yours truly, but they never really helped support the dress. I eventually determined it was a bad length and threw it in my sewing basket.

Last week I pulled it out with plans to make a cool hippie shirt.

I ripped a lot of seams! I detached the top part from the skirt, added the shirred back at a lower part on the skirt, and sewed up the side seams. That probably doesn't make any sense, but I don't even remember the details because I did it a couple weeks ago, and I still have some lingering side effects of baby brain.

I don't even remember what this picture was supposed to represent.
Maybe the back of the dress?

I finished all my sewing and put the garment on as a shirt. It was WAY too tight around my chest, so a skirt it became. It's actually pretty cute. But after lunch, it was too tight around my waist too. Still working toward my pre-pregnancy size, but slow and steady wins the race.

I like it better with my shirt tucked in, but since I'm breast-feeding, the shirt out is more practical. I got Zane to take these pictures before church, which is one of the only times of the week I put effort into my appearance (effort = make-up. My hair is more neglected than Rufio these days). The other day is when I go to the office.

Just a little project to help me use the crafty side of my brain during my stay-at-home days!
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