Saturday, September 29, 2012

Breakfast Club of Casselberry

A restaurant review.

This morning Zane and I got up early to take Daisy to apply for her passport. She did great! We waited at the post office for about an hour before we got seen, but she was a champ. She giggled and cooed, then quietly fussed (how is that even possible?!) for a couple minutes before falling asleep on my shoulder.

Then we had to wake her up for her picture, which turned out AWESOME:
Crazy Hair!

We solemnly swore that she was our kid and sent off her application.

Then we were ready to eat! We passed by the Breakfast Club of Casselberry a couple weeks ago, and decided to try it.

It reminded me a lot of Order Up Cafe, but better ambiance. It's a simple diner, not much for decor, but the walls are light and the tables and floors were clean. You can sit at the bar if that's your style. I always wanted to do that as a kid, but now as an adult, I don't like looking to the side to have a conversation. It's definitely not fancy, and honestly, that's Zane and my style.

Zane ordered an omelet, and I got the pancakes/eggs/sausage breakfast. We were both more than satisfied. We had a super sweet waitress, and everyone oohed and ahhed over Daisy, so there are bonus points there!

Zane rocking his Daisy Love shirt!

The prices were pretty standard. Both our meals were about $6.00. We might go for lunch sometime, because their lunch specials include a sandwich (burger, gyro, sandwich, etc.) fries and a drink for $6.00. It's not as cheap as fast food, but it's comparable to the other local restaurants, and I love supporting local business.

I really wanted to try their biscuits, but I was in a pancake mood this morning. Next time. Or maybe next time I'll try something on the lunch menu.

I definitely recommend this place.

Here's the Urban Spoon listing.
Here's the Facebook page. 
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