Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tidy Cord Box

Ever since we moved into this house and put the TV in the corner of the living room, this mess of cords in the corner behind the TV table has existed. A dusty, cordy, Rufio-toy mess. 

After two and a half years, the clutter cords finally got on my nerve. I decided to do something about it. 

I started with a handy dandy diaper box. They're just the right size for everything! They're almost the same size as those canvas cubby boxes. Talk about a cheap DIY there! I don't have a cubby bookshelf, but if you have one of those, you could consider this project as a cheaper alternative to buying canvas boxes. 

On one of the handles, I cut straight down to make a hole. With the top flaps are folded in, it leaves approximately a 2''x4'' hole. (If you're making a cubby hole box, then only cut out the handle hole through flap that folds down into the box.)

Then I dug through my scraps drawers and found this old silky brown fabric. It was just the right size for the project. I just hot glued it to the inside and wrapped the box like a present.

Even though it's going in the corner of the living room, I didn't want to have a bright purple diaper box in there. This makes it much more subtle. 

I cut out the fabric in the hole and folded and glued in the edges. The hole is for the cords to go through. 

That ribbon is glued down to keep the ends of the fabric from fraying. It's not very straight, but this project has no need for perfection. I'm not exactly a perfectionist anyways. I'm a "that's good enough for my taste" kind of girl, which is why it's easier to craft and sew for myself than for others.  


I crawled in the corner space (that chair swivels, by the way. It's not usually facing the corner) with my bag of twisty ties and organized all the cords. Now it's all tidy and ready for a throw blanket basket or box when I get around to that project. I already have ideas of what I can use to make it.

Just a little free project that I was able to do from start to finish while the baby slept. My favorite!
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