Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Shots

Last week was Daisy's two-month appointment. She's doing great! In the top percentile for height and weight. The doctor said to keep on keepin' on! 

We also did her first round of vaccinations. I know there are lots of different views on vaccines, but we chose to go for it. 

I held her little arms down while the nurse gave her the shots. Daisy's face turned red, and she had that silent scream face a few seconds before she burst out wailing. I started crying too, just a little teary-eyed. I had heard of moms crying when their kids got shots, and now I understand first hand. So hard to watch your kid in pain! 

By the time she got her shots, she was also ready to eat. That made the soothing extra easy. We just went to the nursing room and breastfed. 

She was super lethargic and slept the rest of the day. No fever though. Whew! By the next morning, she was back to normal. Poor little baby! I'm not looking forward to her next round, especially when she gets old enough to look at me with the "Et tu, mama?" face! 

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