Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween: Halloweens Past

I love dressing up for Halloween (or anytime costumes are appropriate)! 

Let's take a glance at Halloween's past.

That's me on the far left with my two sisters. My favorite part of this is my Napoleon Dynamite boots.

I didn't do halloween while I was in school, so when I got to college, I was more than ready to let loose with my creative, non-scantily-clad costume ideas.

I was a palm tree and my roommate was a carrot. 

I was "Mysterious Woman in Black." I changed my gait, dyed my hair, and didn't talk. No one recognized me for the first half hour of the party. It was actually pretty uncomfortable being treated like a stranger among my friends. This was before Zane and I were dating. He didn't even know who was behind the mask when we were taking this picture. They were just indulging the photo request of a stranger girl.

His costume went with his roommate that year, so I threw on some silk flowers and a sheer dress and let other people guess what I was. I got Greek goddess, woodland nymph and fairy.


Our first married Halloween we did our first couples costume, Popeye and Olive Oyl. Sorry for the blur!

Prisoner and his ball and chain. 

Fairy! I used a real plant for my headband for my office party. Zane and I didn't dress up that year, because we were out of town for Halloween. I can't find the original photo no picture for this one. 

Pikachu for the office party!

I hope everyone has a fun, safe Halloween tonight! Check back tomorrow to see our Team Rocket family costume!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Candy Corn Bottle Decoration

I saw this on somewhere else on the internet, so this isn't my original idea, but I wanted to make them for the Halloween party tomorrow.

This picture is off-centered and weirdly framed, but just focus on the pretty candy corn wine bottle.

I started with one wine bottle, five beer bottles, and a mid-sized apple sauce jar.

I painted them white with paint/primer spray paint. I let it dry for an hour. 

Then I did the orange part. I think my orange paint can was defective, because it ran a lot, even when I tried spraying from a distance. It just didn't spray evenly. I let it dry for another hour.

Then I added the yellow bottoms. I also touched up the white tops. I let them dry for another hour.

When I went out to check on them, the beer bottle yellow bottoms were still pretty wet, so I let them dry longer.  The wine bottle was dry enough to bring inside.  Here's how I plan on using it at the party:
But not on the floor. And don't mind that part of the mirror wall that is all gray. I didn't see that until I was writing this post, and I don't feel like taking more pictures. I'll put flowers or something in the apple sauce jar, since it obviously can't be used as a candle stick holder. 

I'm not very experienced with spray paint, so if you're like me, this is a good project to try! Cute Halloween decor for pretty cheap!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Team Rocket Costume: Meowth

This is part three of my Team Rocket Costume series. Earlier today I posted our Jessie and James costumes. Now I'll show you how I made a Meowth costume for my sister's dog.

By the time I got to making Meowth, I was totally in the zone, and didn't take any pictures of the process, but I'll describe it to you as concisely as possibly.

I used the bottom excess fabric from Jessie's turtle neck. I measured around Rufio's head and sewed a hood. Then I used the ends of the sleeves of Jessie's turtleneck and shortened them a little more for Meowth's feet. I sewed that onto the hood.

Used the same brown scraps from my Pikachu costume and hot-glued them around the ankles. I folded white fabric into a triangle for ears and hot glued them. Lastly, I hot-glued several layers of yellow shirt together and cut them into an oval. Then I glued that between the ears.

Rufio didn't like wearing it, but it's okay, because it's for my sister's dog. 

Check back on Tuesday to see Zorro as Meowth along with the rest of Team Rocket!

Team Rocket Costume: James

Here's part two of the Team Rocket series. Earlier I posted the beginnings of my Jessie costume. Now I'll show you what I did for James, Zane's costume.

1. Hair. I considered a wig, but they were $25 at the party store and the only blue wig they had looked like Katy Perry, so that was not going to happen. Many people interpret James as effeminate, but I'm determined for Zane to be a masculine James.

I decided to make a hat/wig combo. Since my Jessie hair isn't anime-realistic, it's okay for James' hair to be a little different too.

I started with a blue t-shirt from the give-away pile. 

Then I measured the inside of Zane's newsie-hat, which is kind of what the Team Rocket grunts wear. 

I took the hat measurement and determined how much t-shirt to cut. 

Then I cut it out in a zig-zag format.

 I laid it inside the hat...

...and pinned it onto the inside flap. 

Then I sewed a very loose zig-zag stitch. I plan on ripping it out after Halloween.

I did that one more time, because I wanted another layer of "hair." 

2. Shirt. I looked around the thrift stores for a white men's jacket, but that apparently doesn't exist. There were some white turtle necks, but we live in Florida, and Zane sweats a lot, so that wasn't an option. I also wanted to keep it manly and simple.

I just took a regular white undershirt and ironed on another red R that I cut out of felt. I used iron-on bonding strips.

We haven't tried on our costumes yet, so come back on Tuesday to see the final products!

Team Rocket Costume: Jessie

This is part one of several Team Rocket Costume posts.

This year, Zane and I are finally going to be Team Rocket for Halloween. It's just been a Pokemon Halloween for me, I guess. I've wanted to be Team Rocket in the past, but Jessie's hair has always overwhelmed me too much. If serious cosplayers can't do it very well, then I'm not even going to try.

So, our Team Rocket costumes are "Team Rocket inspired." Let's start with my costume: Jessie.

1. Skirt. I bought a long skirt from a thrift store and cut off the bottom.

I hemmed it down. 

2. Shirt. First I tried to make a vest out of the extra bottom panel from the skirt. It ended up being a ton of work and didn't fit me at all. I threw it out and did some breathing exercises to de-stress. 

The next day I went to Salvation Army and bought a turtle neck for $2. I cut off the bottom, and added a giant R, which I cut from red felt. 
I used iron-on bonding strips to affix it to the shirt. I also could have sewn it, but this was easier. Just be careful ironing felt. My iron has some permanent red on it now. 

3. Hair. For Jessie's hair, I decided to make a ridiculous headband/hat/fascinator in the shape of her hair. That way, I wouldn't have to deal with making failing at anime realism.

I wanted long red feathers, but Michael's only sold white ones, so I decided to dye them. 

I didn't have a container long enough, so I used a 9/13 cake pan and just wrapped a plastic bag around it, so the dye wouldn't ruin my pan. It worked really well.
I also tie-dyed a onesie for a friend of mine who's having a baby girl next month. I figured I'd make the most of the dye while I had it out. 

I let them soak for an hour, but they still only looked pink. I gave up and laid them out to dry. 

Next, I started making my fascinator hat. I used an oval piece of felt as a base and added a strip for a bow:

Then I made three red rosettes like so:

I hot-glued the rosettes to the base. Then I anchored the four big feathers between the rosettes with more hot glue.

I bought a pack of small, pre-dyed red feathers, which I glued all over the tops of the big sturdy feathers. The final product looks like this:

Then I sewed it onto a headband. 

4. Earrings. Jessie wears green earrings. I went to Michaels' to buy supplies to make them, but the jewelry-making supplies is kind of pricey, so I just decided to make it out of materials I already had. 
I started with leftover Publix green bag, two lightweight gold plastic buttons, and an old pair of earrings.

I cut the green bag into two octagonal pieces and glued them to the buttons.

Then slipped the earring through the button hole. 

 I sewed the dangly part to the base of the earring, so it wouldn't dangle below the green part.

Then I sewed the top of the earring to the top of the green button, so it would hand properly from my ear. 


I'll post pictures of the final costume, all components put together on Tuesday after our Halloween shenanigans. Check back to see how it all turned out!

P.S. Here's the onesie:
So cute! I can't wait to give it to her!