Sunday, October 30, 2011

Candy Corn Bottle Decoration

I saw this on somewhere else on the internet, so this isn't my original idea, but I wanted to make them for the Halloween party tomorrow.

This picture is off-centered and weirdly framed, but just focus on the pretty candy corn wine bottle.

I started with one wine bottle, five beer bottles, and a mid-sized apple sauce jar.

I painted them white with paint/primer spray paint. I let it dry for an hour. 

Then I did the orange part. I think my orange paint can was defective, because it ran a lot, even when I tried spraying from a distance. It just didn't spray evenly. I let it dry for another hour.

Then I added the yellow bottoms. I also touched up the white tops. I let them dry for another hour.

When I went out to check on them, the beer bottle yellow bottoms were still pretty wet, so I let them dry longer.  The wine bottle was dry enough to bring inside.  Here's how I plan on using it at the party:
But not on the floor. And don't mind that part of the mirror wall that is all gray. I didn't see that until I was writing this post, and I don't feel like taking more pictures. I'll put flowers or something in the apple sauce jar, since it obviously can't be used as a candle stick holder. 

I'm not very experienced with spray paint, so if you're like me, this is a good project to try! Cute Halloween decor for pretty cheap!
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