Friday, October 28, 2011

Child's Publix Bag Costume

I babysit for a sweet toddler in my neighborhood. When his mom asked if I'd be interested in helping/making a Publix bag apron-style costume for him (inspired by my Publix bag dress), I was thrilled!

Plus this was a super simple project. Here we go!

I started with a regular Publix reusable shopping bag.

I cut apart the bottom and back panel (Panel 2) and set aside the apron (Panel 1) for later.

I took the handle off Panel 2 (not the apron part) by ripping out the seams. 

Then I cut the long handle part in half. Voila. 

Back to Panel 1. I pinned the sides down to form a triangle and pinned one of the handle halves to the tip of the triangle. Then I sewed it all down and trimmed the excess fabric. 


That's seriously how easy it was. 

But! I forgot that little Tyler is pretty small for his age, so after he tried it on once, I took it back for alterations. I shorted the neck strap by about six inches in circumference. I took half the width off the triangle sides. He'll try it on again tonight, so I hope it fits this time!

He's going to wear a chef's hat, and his mom's going to put a little flour on the apron. Can't wait for him come trick or treating!

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