Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Publix Bag Dress and Vest!

Every semester Art's Sake Acting Studio has an end of semester party, where each class comes dressed in theme. My class did rock stars last fall and animal instincts in the spring. This time, our theme was "No Clothes, Anything Goes," meaning wear things that aren't typically clothing.

Zane and I went dressed in Publix reusable grocery bags! Green bags!

I used four bags: two for Zane's and two for mine. I bought new ones because mine are dirty and worn out. Still, the whole costume was $2.00 a person. 

First thing I did was cut out the bottom. I wanted both our outfits to be easily recognizable as green bags.

I decided to go with a halter top for myself. I got sucked into the project and forgot to take more pictures along the way. Oops. 

For Zane's, I pulled out one of his tighter-fitting shirts to use as a pattern.
I laid out the bags, after cutting off the sides and bottoms. 

The back was two bag fronts stacked, using the old side panels to fill in the space between. 

Final product hanging. 

This was my first time sewing for a man. Zane had a really hard time standing still during the fittings, but he was patient with me. I told him to do a math problem in his head to help him focus on something other than standing still. In the end, he got a custom-fitted Publix vest. Priceless. 

Here we are wearing them: 

 It looks like I have the chest of a teenage boy. Such is life. 

The skirt was basically an entire bag with the bottom cut out. I used the two bottom panels to create the midriff cover, which I sewed to a belt that tied high on my waist, under my top. I added a ruffle on the hem to extend the length. It had the appearance of a dress, but was actually a skirt and shirt. 

Yvonne, the best acting teacher in the world. I love her to pieces.
I also added little twisted rosettes to the straps. 

In the end of the night I came in second for best outfit. It turns out sexy pleather body suit beats home-made Publix green bag dress. Who knew?  

Yeah, I totally went there. We forgot to get a family shot though. Oh well. 

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