Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ice Cream Confessions

To children, the music of the ice cream truck is like the sirens of the Odyssey.

When my sisters and I heard its melodies, we'd run in the house to ask mom if we could buy ice cream with our allowance. The answer was almost always no, but on the rare yes occasion, we'd still have to chase him down with our bikes, since we lost time asking permission.

One day the ice cream truck came by, and being the clever child that I was, I ran inside to get my money but didn't ask my mom. I knew she would say no. If I didn't ask, I wouldn't be disobeying.

I dragged Lydia along, ran him down, and I bought a Bugs Bunny ice cream with bubble gum eyes. She may or may not have bought a Rug Rats ice cream. I can't remember if I dragged her in that far.

The only problem was, I couldn't figure out a good time to eat it, without my mom noticing. If I ate it before dinner, she'd know because I wouldn't be hungry. I wouldn't be able to get away to eat it alone after dinner. I put it in the freezer in the garage and went inside, where my mom was cooking dinner.

"Can I buy ice cream from the ice cream truck?"
"..."(the sound of immeasurable guilt weighing on my elementary soul). I turned around and threw my body over a chair, "Spank me!!!"

My mom laughed and lightly tapped my bottom with her spatula.

Realizing she didn't understand my point, I added, "I already bought it!!!"

My ridiculous confession and request for punishment must have warmed her up, because I don't remember getting punished. I do remember eating my Bugs Bunny ice cream after dinner and savoring the bubble gum eyes.

Three lessons from this story:
1. Confess your sins and you may get to eat your ice cream.
2. Asking forgiveness instead of permission sometimes works.
3. Grace.
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