Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Pushed the Button!

Remember those old Tiny Toon segment where baby Plucky said, "I push the button!"? If not, you can watch it here. Let's just say I felt like baby Plucky when I pushed the button in Bowser's castle to win the Mario game! "Bowser go down the hole!!!"

"What?" you ask? You thought we already did that?

Apparently, I was so upset about not hitting the button that night that I turned off the game before the credits finished rolling, thus not saving it. The next week we turned it back on and discovered that we were going to have to beat Bowser again.

No problem. We did it in a quarter of the time that it took us to do it originally. I also survived long enough to hit the button myself. Zane said that if I had died, he wouldn't have waited for me. So, he didn't let me do it. Per se.

Evidence of my glorious victory. I mean our victory:
In case you can't tell - that's me (Luigi) jumping on the right side. 

We went in the castle without any power ups, on accident, but ended up winning despite it. We both had plenty of lives, too, as you can see. 

Now we're enjoying gathering the star coins to open up the levels of world nine. Lemme tell ya - when you're not trying to win, this game is so much more pleasant. We've had so much fun just gathering coins and mastering the levels. 

Here's a couple cheats we've been using too:

Also, if you want to get additional mushroom houses, jump on the flag pole when the timer is on double digits (i.e. 244 seconds left). Then the NES Mario music will play, and you'll get fireworks, and you'll get a mushroom house. 

We didn't start using cheats until we beat Bowser...the first time, so we did technically win without them. But boy, they are sure helpful!!!

I totally recommend this game to all Wii owners.

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