Friday, August 19, 2011

Repurposed Wall Art

This is actually a no-sew project! Anyone with a glue gun can do this!

There's a wall in my house that is still blank after living here for over a year. It's blankness drains me of joy and contentment.

After work, I went to that nearly-a-monopoly, get-everything-here store, and I decided to go through the sewing section. I found some pretty red fabric in the scraps pile, so bought it.

On the way home I ran through some ideas of what to make with it. I landed on wall art.

I painted this my senior year of high school for my freshman dorm room. 

I never plan on hanging it again. The pink part is melted crayon - I was doing this wax versus water-based paint thing, and basically, I don't like this picture. 

So I laid the fabric over the canvas, and tested different materials for making our family initial:

I ended up choosing the blue lace without a background color. 

I measured canvas on the fabric and cut about 1.5 inches around it. 

Then I ironed out the fold wrinkles.

I started with the long sides of the canvas. I wanted to stretch the fabric tight across it, so I glued the corners first, then filled in between the corners, so that the entire side of fabric was glued down to the wood frame.

Then I folded the edge as if I were folding wrapping paper over a gift. I pulled the side of the fabric over this and glued it down too. 

Then I laid out my lace. In the corner I was fiddling with an idea, but we'll get back to that. 

I only glued the edges of the lace. I ran a strip on the fabric and very lightly tapped the lace on top of it. I also glued itty bitty areas in the middle of the lace strips, for good measure. 

Then I played with my scraps and a few buttons from my collection
I made a pinwheel shape in the bottom corner. 

In the top corner I made those twisted rosettes! So easy to make, even with tiny bits of scraps. 

Finished product!!

I love the subtle corner fun. It's more visible in real life, but it looks cute in the picture too. 

Two minutes after I took this picture, I switched the wall art with another piece from my living room. I wanted the red in the living room, and the metal art in the foyer. The foyer wall still got decorated in the end, so mission accomplished...with style!

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