Friday, June 24, 2011

Sewing Benevolence

My grandma was getting rid of a lot of sewing stuff last month. She asked if I wanted any of it. I ended up basically splitting the lot with my sister. Here's a bit of what I got:

Something like 50 years worth of buttons,

which I decided to organize my way. 

The white ones in the bag. The rest in the box, separated by color.

She also gave me this cool box,

 ...and the means to fill it!
I'll never have to buy thread again! Maybe. 

Zippers, snaps, miscellaneous fasteners...

 Ribbon, lace, trims...
I'd say I done pretty well. 

Thank you, Grandma, for passing along your intangible sewing skills (although I haven't tapped into the full capacity yet) and your tangible sewing goods. I've already begun putting them to use!
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