Thursday, June 16, 2011

School Days

My grandma gave me this frame when I was in high school. It's right up my alley to have something like this, but there's not really any place in my house where it makes sense to display. It stays in a box under the bed.
My development in pictures.

Commentary per grade:
1. I love that I lost both my front teeth at the same time. It's so cute. I remember thinking that I was cute.
2. Wore an Aladdin t-shirt and crooked bangs. Lookin' frumpy, kid.
3. Dressed up with shoulder pads and a necklace.
4. Ashamed of my big teeth, I did a closed-mouth smile. My mom got mad at me.
5. Accepted the open-mouth, big-toothed smile.
6. Started wearing lipstick.
7. Abandoned lipstick and changed my hairstyle after 13 years of bangs.
8. Reverted back to bangs.
9. Peak of awkward stage.
10. Braces-free and first introduction to the flat iron.
11. The year of the highlights.
12. Severe senioritis and completely over school pictures.
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