Friday, June 10, 2011

Colby's Missing Memory

The other day at work, my friend Mike and I walked down the hallway with long strides swinging our arms, and it made me think of the Double Diagnostic Disks from Colby's Missing Memory.

Colby's Missing Wow. This is a Christian children's movie about a friendly computer whose hard drive gets corrupted. The two disks come by to figure out what was wrong with him. They're supposed to be those old black disks, 5'' disks or something. Remember those? I think we had Oregon Trail on one.

Here's a clip, and yes, they pray for the computer to be healed. Don't worry about holding back your laughter. You can also skip to 3:00 if you want to see the "double diagnostic disks" sing and dance:

I hate it when Christians make fun of other Christian things, mainly because I feel like everyone is genuine about getting the gospel out, and we shouldn't ridicule something that God might use in a person's life. So I'm not going to ridicule this, because I know there was good intent behind it, and it probably had a good purpose in 1986. However, I will laugh at it in the most non-ridiculing way possible.

Just thought I'd share a little of my childhood with you guys. I didn't watch Care Bears, but I did watch Colby. I used to sing along too! (By "used to" I mean, I was singing along when I found this video earlier this week!)
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