Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pillow Case Dress

I have seen this all over the internet, and I finally decided to try it out. All you moms and grandmoms of daughters (you know who you are!), I have pioneered the way for you. The basic tutorial I followed can be found here.
I made two. I started with my pillow cases. Notice I've got the open part of the case at the top. 
These are from the same sheet set from which I made the valances

Cut them to toddler size. I got the measurement of 22'' long from the tutorial link I posted above. 

Cut the arm holes. I left about 9'' across the top for the neckline. I cut off 6'' down the side. 

I used some blanket edging or something. It was part of the resources I received from my grandma. I actually don't know if this is how you use it, but it seemed right to me!

Doesn't it look so pretty at the bottom? 

Grandma also provided this pink bias tape. This was my first time using bias tape. I read through several blog tutorials before attempting. I have to say - it really makes sewing a hem easier. (I still don't know what you call the end seam on a sleeve - a hem?)

I also found a tutorial on how to make these roses. I've seen them everywhere lately, especially on pinterest. (Love pinterest!) This is the front side.

There are no-sew versions, but I think it's easier to sew than to pull out the glue gun. This is the back side.

Lastly I threaded some ribbon through the neck holes, tied them at the shoulders, and sewed on the roses. Two little toddler girls are going to be lookin' cute!

Sew easy!! I started researching it this afternoon and finished before dinner. I'd say two hours max.

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