Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rules for Watching Classic Films

A few years ago my friends watched Gone With The Wind for their first time. They didn't like it. I was astonished!

Another friend recently posted a review on his blog about his first time seeing the old Star Wars films. He didn't think much of them either. Again, I was astonished.

How could people not appreciate these classic films? I just didn't understand.

Until now.

Returning to Theaters this October

This weekend I watched Ghostbusters for the first time. I laughed at Bill Murray, but that was about it. I was pretty disappointed. Perhaps I had built it up in my mind to be more than it was. Maybe I knew too many of the jokes ahead of time. I was hoping to unlock the mystery of Ghostbuster fandom, but instead I threw it in the category of--

Movies You Have to Watch in One of the Following Ways:
1. In its prime.
2. As a child.
3. With an enthusiast.

I watched Gone With The Wind and Star Wars as a child with my parents and grandparents who loved them when they were first released. I watched Ghostbusters with Zane, who liked it okay as a kid, but is far from an enthusiast. There was no hope for me.

I wonder how many of the movies on my shameful list fit into that category. Will I need to hunt down enthusiasts for every one or just feel the disappointment of missing out on each film's peak of life?

I have a deep feeling that Animal House is definitely one.

Sorry, Ghostbusters. I think it'd be cool to do a modern version with the original actors as cameos. Zane and I tried to cast it out, but we had a hard time deciding who would play each part. Modern young comedic actors are much different than those of the 80s. Maybe it's just as well. I'd be up for a modern film with the original cast.

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