Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wrapping 365 Decision Time

This weekend I was on the set of 365 Decision Time at UCF, my alma mater! It was a beautiful weekend. My scenes were shot in the mornings on both days, so the weather was extra nice, though still a bit humid. Oh, Florida.

I shamelessly asked the nice guy doing my make up (shine patrol) if he would take some pictures with my camera during filming. I'm forever grateful to him.

This is one of my favorite photos that he took, it hints at the high quality picture that the RED camera produces, and this is just a photo of the monitor. Can't wait to see the actual movie! 

Here's me and Breanne, my beautiful acting partner, shooting the scene where we meet. 

Breanna, Chris and I getting framed up. 

I had such a great time playing her bff! 

It was also fun being on campus again, reminiscing and seeing all the changes. I went to a really beautiful school. 

Sunday morning there was a 5K happening on campus, so we had to change set locations to stay on schedule. Ten points to whoever guesses where we are in the second photo. Fifty points to whoever guesses where we are in the last two photos. 

You can check out all my behind the scenes pictures at my facebook album.

I'll definitely let you know when the film comes out. The talk on set is that there will be a theater release, so I expect you all to find a theater showing it and go see it when the time comes.

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