Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Ideal Mate

I've been on a kick this week reading through my old journals from school. Today I'm going to share with you an entry in response to this prompt: my ideal mate. This was written when I was a senior in high school, about a year before I met Zane:

"He's a strong Christian, who loves God, and that love reflects and pours out into every aspet of his life.

He will be physically attractive as well.

He will have a good work ethic and be likeable to more people than just me.

He'll care about what I care about, even if it is only because I care about it.

He'll be honest: tell me all good and bad things on his mind.

He'll have the same goals as I do for our family and life together.

He'll be able to relate to my struggles, and I to his.

He will lead me and our family closer to Christ and each other.

He'll provide financially and emotionally for us.

He'll love me for all of me.

He'll get along great with my family, and I with his.

But most of all he'll be willing to lay his life down for me and our children.

He'll be my provider, protector, leader, lover, and best friend.

After he has met all internal qualifications, he will be attractive and rich."

My seventeen year-old self hit the nail on the head (as long as "rich" is a relative term). Zane is all these things and more. In fact, here's a list of great things about him that I compiled recently. There are endless great things I could say about him. I mean, I started the list before I even met him!
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