Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bundt!

In case anyone is wondering how Mother's Day went for me, it was okay. Church was the more difficult part of the day. I was that I could miss the baby dedications and gifting of roses to mothers. Then I hid from people after the service when Zane was tearing down (don't judge me!) because I didn't really want to small talk or receive any pity--er, I mean sympathy.

Of course, the *real* reason I was late to church was that I just *had* to finish this cake for my sister's birthday today!

First off, this is not from scratch. It's an add-to-the-box-mix recipe. I still love cooking from scratch, but ever since my hand mixer broke, it's not very appealing to me. I'd like a Kitchen Aid mixer please. Thanks.

This recipe called for peanut butter chips. I bought them yesterday in the middle of errands and forgot that they can MELT in the HEAT! When I got home, I tossed them in the fridge, and Zane and I chopped them up.
They're peanut butter chunks now.  

Short cut through the baking. You can just follow the recipe found in Bundt Cake Bliss, the best recipe book I've ever received! (Thanks, Vicky!)

I used my regular bundt pan, because I knew I was going to be doing this:

I sliced it in half for a frosting sandwich!

While we're on the subject of frosting. Let's talk about solving problems mid-baking. See, this recipe called for half and half. Mine was expired. Gross. My Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook said I could use butter and whole milk as a substitute. So I used butter and 2%. Yeah, I'm a rebel.

Then I had to mix this by hand.

It's freakin' hard to get clumps out with a wooden spoon, so I whisked it and channelled my inner pioneer woman (not the blogger, the actual women of old) and mixed the sucker until it looked like so:
Beautiful. So tasty too!

I forgot to get pictures of frosting the interior and flipping the top half back and frosting the exerior. But I do have this picture of what it looked like when I finished. You can imagine the rest.
It smells amazing too, by the way. It kind of looks like mustard frosting, but it's actually peanut butter.

Here's a shot of the inside:

We had a fun time with the family. We played Beyond Balderdash, in which I cleaned house! Here's an example of my creative genius for giving the movie description of "The Night Has Eyes": CIA agent, Carson Ericks takes one last job before retirement. After a chance encounter with Russian beauty, Irena Volksovich, Carson's last job becomes a mission of survival.

Yeah, I'm that good. No one voted for my anwser. It had "Deborah" written all over it. Oh well. I fooled them during other rounds, which secured my win. Did I mention I rock at Balderdash? Yeah, I'm the

But enough about me.

After games, we had a lovely Mother's day/birthday dinner and opening of cards and gifts. We even skyped with my sister, who lives on the other side of the world in a large country, one with a huge population.

Then we played Ticket to Ride, the German version, which I just learned this weekend. So fun. Everyone should play that game.

Great day, great people, great games, great food.
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