Sunday, May 1, 2011

Written Treasure

My parent's have an old traveller's trunk in their living room. It was passed down through my dad's side of the family. One of his relatives brought it over from Europe when they first immigrated (or emigrated?). It's kind of like a treasure chest, holding some very precious treasures: my memories from growing up.

I brought many of its contents home this weekend including my yearbooks, diaries and creative writing journals from school.

I'm in heaven.

I've been reading through my creative writing journals, and it's like I've struck gold. My sixth grade self is hilarious, my tenth grade self is inspiring. I'll share this little nugget with you. The prompt was to write about our goals. Here's an excerpt of what I said on August 14, 2000:

"I have many goals for each school year. As the year goes on, more goals come and go. For instance, I'll decide to do 30 sit-ups every night to keep in shape. My goal will fade as I come home tired everyday. My goals for this year would, right now, be to just come through with an A in each subject...

"...My one life goal as of now is to publish a book. I like to write fictional stories."

Don't worry, 14 year-old Deborah! You will accomplish this goal before your life is over!

I'll continue to share treasures from the trunk as I find them worthy of blog posts. Trust me, it's hard to decide, because everything seems worthy to me. I mean, I wrote it all! I'm kinda a big myself.
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