Saturday, May 7, 2011

Non-mother's Day

A few friends on facebook have been sharing this article from the gospel coalition this week. I scanned through it thinking, "blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda." Until I read this phrase:

"Motherhood is not the greatest good for the Christian woman."

Then I thought, "Oh, I like this woman." She proves that has the experience to write this kind of truth. She confirms how Mother's Day is hard for so many women in the world: the single, infertile, those who have miscarried or lost children, etc. She also writes about how God uses our longings to make us more Christ-like.

Read it. It's good.

I don't anticipate Mother's Day being too overwhelmingly difficult this year. Last year I was super late getting my period, so I was super hopeful that maybe I was celebrating my first Mother's day. Nope, just a weird cycle. A few weeks later it was just disappointment, which spearheaded me into many months of irrational attitudes toward suffering. Mother's day itself wasn't bad, but the subsequent months were rotten.

*sing-song voice*Anyways...

This year will be good. Church might be hard, but sometimes I surprise myself with a lighthearted attitude. I'm praying for lightheartedness this Sunday as I watch my two bff's dedicate their kids to the Lord on Mother's Day. Share the joy, don't steal it! (I'm telling myself that.)

After church will be fun. It's all about celebrating my mom, grandma and aunt - and SISTER! Not because she's a mom (don't start any preemptive prenatal congratulations), but because it's her birthday!

Yep, she was born on Mother's Day, and this year the stars a have aligned - or at least the calendar dates - for her birthday and Mother's day to fall on the same Sunday.

I asked my mom to do a reinactment. She said no. Go figure.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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Update: Wanna know how my Mother's Day went? Check it out here.
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