Monday, May 16, 2011

Once Upon a Marigold

I recently began a new method of choosing books from the library. Goodreads has been helpful, but sometimes the library doesn't have what my friends have recommended. When that happens, I go to the young adult section and scan the shelves for books have have more than four copies.

If it was well-liked enough for the county to invest in so many copies, then it's probably a good book.

Last week I used my method and came across Once Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris. Surefire method, people. This book was a HIT! I could have read it in one day, because it was so lovely.

It was easy-to-read, without moronic writing. The characters were cute and loveable. The story was the right combination of orginial and predictable, and it was funny. The author has a light and humerous style to her narration, which I thought was really great and even warranted some audible laughs, which scared Rufio.

I recommend this book! It was probably originally written as juvenile fiction and ended up on the YA shelf. That's okay!

To make it even better, I found the sequel when I was searching for an image of the Once Upon a Marigold's cover. Something else to put on my reading list!

It's nice to find an author whose work you enjoy reading. There's a sense of safety in checking out or purchasing one of their books. You know you're going to like it. At least, you hope you know.

Go therefore and read these lovely fairy tales!
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