Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I tend to write about my negative emotions a lot, (which actually represent some of the most popular posts on this blog). My insecurities, my depressing feelings about infertility, my mixed feelings about my sister moving to China...

Oh, I haven't blogged about that last one yet, but you'll probably see one in the near future.

Well, here's a list of GOOD things for me to remember when I get frustrated, which seems to be a lot lately. In no particular order, here are some good things that happened in the last week:

1. Our azaleas are starting to bloom.
2. I successfully transformed a sheet into valances and (hopefully) a shirt into a dress.
3. My mom said that it was a special skill to be able to visualize that kind of sewing project.
4. Zane told me that my arms have definition when he was helping me fold clothes.
5. My acting teacher told me that I am able to do filmic sincerity well and that it was time to move on to other genres.
6. Rufio whined and licked my tears when I was having an emotional breakdown last week. The good part of that was the Rufio love, not the breakdown.
7. I finally got to see The King's Speech, which I loved.
8. I learned that my department at work has an accuracy rate of 99.07%, which reflects pretty well on me, since I do much (if not most) of the data entry.
9. I finished the my last writing assignment of my Apprentice Course, which began two years ago. More on that later.
10. Zane bought me a double chocolate donut. It was delicious.

I have to confess that it took me hours to come up with this small list. All the while I was discarding many negatives that popped into my head. When did I turn into such a pessimist? Optimist [Prime] Deborah, are you still in there? I need you!
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