Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Due to China

My sister's moving to China. I've said that a lot lately. Today it's actually happening. She had to purge much of her closet, since she can't take it all with her. I was the recipient of many pieces, including these:

Some fit as they are. Some need alterations. Some I plan on changing drastically. Some I'll change only a little.

It was nice to add to my closet, but sad for the reason.

We said goodbye last night. I had already cried about it a few times throughout the last week, which helped me keep it together, although my throat hurt something fierce when I finally walked away. There were tears, but no sobs.

It's a first for me: sending my sister to the other side of the world for who knows how long. Three years at least, until she's back in the states. The world will be different then. Just look how fast two years flew!

Although, last time I thought my world would be different in two years, it was very much the same. I shouldn't set too many expectations.

All this to say two seemingly unrelated, yet actually related things:

1. I will miss my sister very much. Her presence had become a weekly (at least) staple for the past three years. I'm very grateful to the Lord, because I believe that we bonded more in that short time than we had our entire lives prior to that. Growing up does that to siblings, I think. The Lord gave us a gift of close proximity before whisking her away across the globe. We may never live close together again. Oh, life.

2. I've got some sewing projects coming up, which means sewing posts.

P.S. She's flying to China today - so please pray for a safe flight! It's a long way!!!
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