Thursday, February 17, 2011

Two Years

In December 2008 my dad told me about a writing course that his cousin was going to take. I had been working on a novel at the time, so the course seemed like a good fit for me. I was feeling inadequate and unequipped to write professionally.

The course is designed to span over two years. My fear was that I'd have a baby in that time and be unable to finish (because your life stops when you have kids, of course). Hah.

I decided to plunge in, figuring that I'd be able to deal with a writing course and an infant, which ended up being a non issue. In January 2009, I started on my first assignment. This past Tuesday night I submitted my last assignment. Just like that, two years of my life passed.

Just look at my deadline sheet - two years, whoosh!

I have at least one post coming that will show you a little bit of fruit that came from this course.

Two years - whoosh!

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