Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ain't Trippin'

Yesterday I was in the shower, thinking about life, praying about having babies, shaving my legs (oh sorry, TMI). I remembered my shower prayer from a few months ago, and I thought I should just go ahead and pray specifically to have kids. I've done this before, but maybe being in the shower helps. There's more vulnerability...kind of.

Anyways, I started thinking about if I had multiples. I've always wanted twins. When I was a little girl, I wanted three sets of twins: identical boys, identical girls, and a fraternal set with one of each sex. I don't know why.

I also wanted to name my kids Sarah, Tommy, Annika and Pinnochio. My mom wrote it in my baby book as evidence. If you recognize the reference for Tommy and Annika, you get 50,000 points.


So, I was in the shower thinking about having multiples. I thought through twins, then moved on to triplets.

The bad news: My acting dream would die with the birth of triplets, as I would dedicate every waking and sleeping hour to their upbringing. Without enough breasts to feed them at once, I'd have to set up a rotation.  I don't know how I'd fit three cribs in one room.

The goods news: I could guiltlessly hire a maid because I'd have no time to clean my house. There are a number of cute coordinating triplet names. I could blog about my triplets and call it "I be trippin'!"

Triplets are interesting to read about! There'd be no shortage of fun stories to share on a blog. After I went through the logistics of how I'd organize my new blog, I eventually saw myself on the Today show. I thought, "My acting career isn't dead! It's just on hold until they're in school."

It all crumbled with the realization that I was exploiting my unconceived triplets to advance my imaginary acting career. I felt less like super-mom and more like Kate Gosselin.

After my shower, I told Zane about it. He didn't think "I be trippin'" was a good title. He didn't offer alternatives, so it will remain working title for now. The End.
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