Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's HERE!

Congestion, colored mucus, dry nose, itchy eyes, neti pots, a plethora of kleenex and anti-histamines...

Allergy season.

Rufio kept sniffing my face this morning, trying to determing the source of a strange noise which was my congested breathing.

At the sound of my trumpet-like nose-blowing, he nearly fell off the bed.

I did the neti pot this morning, but nothing can truly decongest me. By "nothing," I mean no mild medications. I won't take those crazy heavy meds anymore. Last year I got samples of a new prescription allergy medication from my doctor. Never have I felt such sever fatigue and dry mouth as I had from those. Sleeping didn't refresh me either. It just stole hours of my life.

I've got my tissues, neti pot, over-the-counter generic allergy medication, and lots of water. I'm armed and ready for that pollen-infested "fresh" air. April, come quickly!
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