Saturday, February 26, 2011

Here's the Situation

Like Michael Scott and Weird Al Yankovich, I sometimes like to write alternative lyrics. My portfolio consists of gems like Taylor Swift's Now I'm Free and N*Sync's Hailey Bop. In the same vein, I'm always thoroughly entertained by parodies like the one by the Maccabeats.

Lately I've been singing Enrique's new "Tonight," because it's very catchy. I was in the shower - where all my best thinking occurs - and alternative lyrics just hit me.


In the beginning
There was nothing until He made it be
He made the whole world
He made the trees, the sneeze, the birds, and the bees

Here’s the situation – He’s author of creation
And there’s no end to all the things He can do
He’s not a pop-sensation, He’s Lord of every nation,
It might sound crazy, but I swear that it’s true.

He’s the basis of all truth!
He's the only freakin' truth!

So, next time you hear it on the radio, bust out these lyrics!
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