Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rufio's Still Cool

I haven't written about Rufio in a while. I guess it's all the focus on house projects and impending baby. He's taking it all very well. I read this list that I wrote last year, and thought I'd write a little update.

1. Rufio is afraid of cardboard. A year ago our brother-in-law put a cardboard box over Rufio. Ever since that trauma, Rufio has been afraid of cardboard. It works really well if he's getting over-hyper, because we can just wave cardboard (it has to be bigger than him) near his face, and he runs away to safety.

It was especially funny when we were unpacking the nursery furniture. He was torn between hanging out in the bedroom with us and running for his life.

He's braving the cardboard to hang out with us and munch on bits of plastic and wood, but if any of those pieces started moving aggressively toward him, he'd be gone in a flash!

2. Rufio's cow has digressed - if that was even possible.

Fresh cow versus Rufio's cow last summer

Rufio's cow today. No more signage. The flash makes it look cleaner than it really is. 

3. Rufio waits for me to eat before he asks to be pet. He watches me eat my snack on the couch. Then at the moment I put my empty plate on the coffee table, he walks over and plops down in my lap. I must have inadvertently taught him to leave me alone when I'm eating, because he's good about keeping his distance.

4. Rufio LOVES vanilla ice cream. A few months ago we got a puppy cup at Jeremiah's Italian Ice. We gave him half one night and the other half the next night. 

Here's Rufio refusing to give up the empty paper cup. Zane had to hold him still to take the picture, because he was being so protective of it. 

5. I taught Rufio to jump up on my leg when I put his leash on, so I don't have to bend over with my big belly. This is a true test of his intelligence, because Zane has him sit to put on the leash. Rufio has to discern which one of us is going to put on his leash and then take the appropriate stance. He's good at it. It's not hard to discern, because it's always the person holding the leash. It's those little things, you know. 

That's all for now. We still love our little muffin cakes, and we can't wait to see how he does with Daisy. I think we might try to video tape their first introduction. I'm convinced that he'll love her. 

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