Saturday, May 26, 2012

Starving Preggers in the Drive-Thru

Lately I've started feeling a little nausea again. It's mostly when Daisy's moving around a lot, but sometimes I get to feeling sick if I haven't eaten in a while. It made me remember my first trimester hunger attacks, when I'd feel fine one moment, and then the next moment I felt like I was about to die of nausea and starvation.

Here's a fond memory of a hunger attack from December:

I was driving back from dropping friends at the airport when the hunger attack hit me. I scarfed down the few pretzels I had with me, but it wasn't enough.

I weighed my options: Wait until I get home and die along the way or go to McDonalds. I chose the latter.

I pulled into the drive thru behind an old red buick. I knew exactly what I was going to get - a $1 McDouble. I rolled down my window, antsy to get to the ordering box. That's when I overheard this conversation between the old man in the buick and the lady on the headset.

Old Man: "I'd like the burger."
McDonalds Girl: "Do you want hamburger, cheeseburger or McDouble?" (Granted she said this super fast).
Old Man: "I'd like the burger."
McDonalds Girl: "Do you want a hamburger, cheeseburger or McDouble?" (A bit slower.)
Old Man: "What?"
McDonalds Girl: "Do you want a hamburger, cheeseburger or McDouble?"
Old Man: "What's the difference?"

Few minutes of this type of conversation passed. I groaned with hunger and antsiness.

McDonalds Girl: "Just pull ahead to the first window."
Old Man moves his car two inches, then stops: "What?"
McDonalds Girl: "Pull ahead to the first window."
Old Man moves a little farther, then stops: "What did you say?"

I wanted to yell out my window, "She said, 'Go to the first window!!'"

Instead, I waited for him to move along on his own. In a matter of seconds, I placed my order, paid, and found myself waiting behind him again at the second window. After they passed him his food, he looked back at the lady and said, "Where's my drink?"

He did not order a drink! I listened to his order, and there was never any mention of a drink.

McDonalds Girl: "Oh, did you have a coke?"
Old Man: "No, strawberry milkshake."

Oh Brother! Mama Mia! Oy Vey! Seriously?!

When finally he pulled away, the McDonalds girl held my bag out the window and gave me a "Wow, I'm sorry that guy was so old and senile" smile.

Then I ate the entire burger in the two seconds it took to drive out of the parking lot. I thanked God for access to fast food, and forgave the old man for taking forever. Someday that might be me not knowing the difference between cheeseburgers and hamburbers, and I too will need forgiveness from the starving preggers behind me in the drive thru.
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