Friday, May 11, 2012

The Bridesmaid Box

My friend Heather is getting married this year and asked me to be on of her bridesmaids! She said she'd be sending me a box soon, and guess what? I got it today. It's so cool that I had to share it with you guys.

Bridesmaid goodie box!!

Heather sent out these cute boxes to all her bridesmaids. It's stocked with everything we need to know about leading up to and the actual wedding day, including a sweet personal note, swatches of the wedding colors, and a fabric sample to help us match the color when we're shopping for our dresses.

I love this idea! She created a cute wedding-program-esque instruction/information packet for us. I loved reading through this, and I love the effort she put into making her bridesmaids feel loved. 

My camera captures this pretty poorly. Her colors are deep purple and light green. So pretty. 

You can also check out her blog! Her life is fun; you should read about it. I may have been mentioned in this hilarious post.

Her bridesmaids are pretty spread out in different cities across the country, so this was a great way to connect us and keep us in the loop. Coolest way to communicate with your bridesmaids ever! This is a great idea for all you future brides. Can't wait to celebrate her wedding day! 
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