Friday, May 4, 2012

Longing for the West

With summer coming, Zane and I have been reminiscing about our southwest U.S. road trip two years ago. We're longing for another chance to get out west, where it's big and beautiful. Florida is awesome, and I love living here, but the western states are just incredible. Maybe I feel that way because I was born on this side of the country, so the west new and different for me. Bottom line: we're itching to go on another major trip.

Sedona, Arizona.
We totally creeped a picture of this insane mansion. But, seriously, check out the western landscape. Amazing!

Of course, we're also super excited to be adding to our family this summer, which is what we'd rather do than travel. Maybe next year we'll go somewhere with one year-old Daisy. We'll see.

If you didn't get to read about our summer 2010 road trip, you can catch up here! It was amazing!
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