Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Planting More Daisies: Garden Update

My coworkers threw me a baby shower, which was so sweet. Along with being showered with love and baby gifts, I got eight plants! Four pink Gerber daisies and four yellow something-else daisies.

Since it's blazin' hot right now in Central Florida, I got Zane to help me plant them after the sun went down Monday night. It was hard to see by the light of the dim porch light, but I crossed my fingers that they were getting planted okay.

Tuesday morning, I walked out the front door to this beautiful view (phone pictures):

We moved the Amaryllis plants over next to the pineapple (thank you, Lydia, for your idea there!). Zane planted the pink Gerbers in the back. This garden is so hodge-podge and unplanned, but it still manages to look pretty.

These plants have done well with very little attention. There's an HOA-owned sprinkler that waters them every other day. I only water with the hose if they look wilty.

I just have to manage the weeds. I used this homemade weedkiller a few weeks ago, and it worked really well. I didn't add the lemon, and I only made a small amount, guessing at the measurements. The vinegar and dish soap was enough by itself. I even sprayed weeds that were close to my good plants, and the good plants didn't die. But I was careful to only let the vinegar get on the bad plants.

Florida weeds are so resilient. It's horrible.

Seeing pretty flowers like this outside my front door makes all of the work worth it! Here's a quick three-picture transition of this garden from March until now:
The Jungle Book
New plants and mulch after the garden overhaul in early March.
This picture is a little fuzzy...but look, thriving plants! Look how well they've grown 2.5 months!
The two little blue plants in the front totally exploded!

I love my little flower garden.
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