Saturday, May 19, 2012

Daisy's Bookshelf - Right Side Painting

You guys remember the post last month of Daisy's purple bookshelf? Here's a shot of the left side painting that I did:

Finished this side panel on April 17.

I finally finished painting the other side. It took me much longer than the first side, because I lost motivation. Sitting on the floor is super uncomfortable, and I just didn't care for a while. Then one day, I said, "Deb, finish this thing before that baby comes or you'll never do it!" I couldn't stand the thought of having a half-painted bookshelf.

Here's the photo progression of the other side: 
I learned from the other side that painting a white base was the best way to get sharp colors.

Rufio always chills out right next to me when I'm working on projects. 

I decided that this looked more like a turkey than a peacock, so...

I went green. 

This is the part that sat unfinished for the longest period of time, because I wasn't sure where to go from here.
This picture was taken on April 24.

This picture was taken on May 19, making nearly a month of stalling from the last addition.

Today, after I did a thousand other things, I sat down and thought, "Just add dots, Deb." I'm not completely satisfied with the flowers in the corners, but I really don't care anymore. The whole project has taken about two months from when I first spray painted the bookshelf purple to when I'll seal it with polyurethane, which hopefully will happen before June!


At one point I considered painting a canvas for Daisy's room. No way, Jose. My creativity is at a low right now. I just hung pictures in the guest room, and I think I've lost my edge. It looks kinda wonky in there. I'll share it with you after I get some second opinions from family members. 

Hopefully we'll be getting our crib and dresser this week too, so next weekend we can set up the furniture. We're getting closer!
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