Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Third Trimester Slump

I had a super increase of energy in the second trimester, but the third trimester has me back in drained-mode. Most days I get home from work and just sit on the couch staring at the wall. My motivation for everything is gone.

I think, "Man, I wish she would just come already." But that's not necessarily true. I have stuff to do before she gets here, I just don't care about doing them right now.

Today I wrote out an entire blog post complaining about how pop music is all about break-ups. Then I read it over and thought, "Wow, Deborah. This is what you have to share with the world?" I chose not to post it, but I'll give you an excerpt, since I took all the time to write it out in the first place:

Adele's song about her old lover was okay, but every time I hear it, I think, "Look, lady, he's married and moved on. You need to move on too, and leave him alone. Telling your old lover who's married to someone else that you're still in love with him is only formula for disaster, either home-wrecking or heartbreak. Just let it go."

I'll save you from having to read the other six paragraphs I composed about this topic. They're rubbish.

Daisy's bookshelf sits mid-project. I started painting the left side, but lost my motivation. I have a couple other projects waiting to be finished too. I haven't picked up the second Game of Thrones book in several days, even though I'm pretty curious about what's going on with the characters. We've been busy with social things, but still, my motivation for productivity has waned.

It's everything I've got to keep the laundry and dishes clean. The bathrooms are suffering.

Whenever that nesting instinct kicks in, you'll know. I'll probably have several blog posts about projects and thoughts that are more blog-worthy than break-up songs. But seriously, while we're on the topic of break-up songs, "You know the bed feels warmer sleeping here alone..." um...well then, why did you even start dating in the first place if you like being single so much? Tell me, Kelly!

I'm going back to staring at the wall now.

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