Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chrome Chair Re-do

This chair used to be my grandma's. She had two of them, and I loved them as a kid. Somehow I inherited this in college or when we first got married. It's been our sewing chair and spare chair for the dining room that we also use to stand on while painting walls. It's been through the ringer.

It was time for an upgrade.


I unscrewed the seat from the base and went to work.

Nice spray of white primer/paint.

Removal of gross pleather, paint-covered seat cushion. 

Surprise underneath gross pleather was stained burlap!

To recover the seat, I used large piece of fabric from the same slip cover that I used to make the top half of the sewing room valance

I neglected to take pictures of my dad helping me staple the new fabric to the chair base. After we stapled it, we used an awl to mark all the screw holes. How many of you have ever used an awl? Yeah, I thought so. 

The project sat around for weeks, because I had plans to scotch-guard the seat, but I just gave up on that plan. I was also waiting to polyurethane the base at the same time I sprayed down the bookshelf

Tonight I screwed the seat back into the base, so finally, months later, ta-da!


The only thing keeping this sewing/guest room from being finished is all the baby stuff that's now lounging on the dresser, desk and bed.

Also one wall has some crazy decorations on it, that my friends suggested was maybe a bit tacky. I blame that on pregnancy. I can't discern between tacky and cool right now. I think it had something to do with the dragon painting on display. I know it's weird, but I've come to love it.

Final room shots to come.
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