Thursday, April 19, 2012

Daisy's Bookshelf - Left Side Painting

This table has been in the family for its whole life. My great grandfather and great grandma used it for their turntable, the interior for records. I think that was its original intended purpose. Since then it's mostly been used as a TV table by my grandparents, parents and me.

My grandma used it as a bookshelf when my uncle was a toddler, and he'd go into the family room every morning and pull out all the books. Now it'll be Daisy's. It's going in her nursery as a bookshelf, and I imagine she will eventually pull out all the books just like her great uncle.

I sanded it down and spray painted it lavender. The paint color is actually called gumdrop. After I finished, I realized the shade was a little too bright and more pink than purple. It was super overpowering. 

The overpowering color motivated me to paint the side panels. I was going to do that to my other bookshelf, but that project got rejected

Here are some pictures of evolution of the left side panel painting: 

The final product:

I finished it this week and started on the other side. I'll share that with you when I finish it. It's going to be a completely different picture, but with similar colors so it coordinates. I'm excited about it! Stay tuned for the right side painting.

After I finish both sides, I'll polyurethane the whole thing so the paintings will be secure.
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