Friday, April 13, 2012

Daisy Love of California

A friend passed along this blog to me, Pray for Daisy. There's this girl in California named Daisy Love, which the same name that we chose for our daughter. My friend sent me the blog because of the name coincidence, and as soon as I started reading, I was hooked.

California Daisy is seven years old and just this week underwent surgery to remove a tumor that was wrapped around her spleen. They had to take her spleen out too. This is her third bout with cancer in three years.

I shed a lot of tears while reading her story. The timing was good, because I was introduced to her story the same day as her surgery, but with enough time that I could pray for her while she was in surgery.

I feel a connection with her family.

We're connected in Christ. She's the daughter of a pastor in Santa Barbara.

We're connected through childhood cancer. I think of my in-laws, and how they suffered and persevered through Zane's childhood cancer. I didn't go through it with them, but hearing their stories always breaks my heart. God saved Zane and gave him a strong, fruitful life. I want Him to do the same for Daisy.

We're connected through suffering. I know what it's like to question God, to fight for joy in the midst of sorrow, and to resolve to praise Him no matter what life brings.

We're connected through our girls' names. I think of my little Daisy Love in my belly. Here I was thinking it was such a unique name, and before she's even born, I learn of another Daisy Love across the country. I want to tell my little girl about California Daisy and how God saved her life.

You can follow on Facebook too, which I started doing today. Her dad posts updates and scripture, but it's linked to the blog, so it's the same information.

Zane and I started praying for her when we pray for our own Daisy Love. Maybe you can remember to do that too. I know there were a lot of people praying for me, Zane, and our Daisy before she was conceived, people I didn't even know. I'm glad I can do that for California Daisy.
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