Thursday, July 21, 2011

Teenaged and Self-Absorbed

I've been reading through some of my old diaries this week, sharing the funny parts with Zane. Here's an excerpt to give you a glimpse of my high school self-absorption:

Friday 7-25-2003
[Our family] had a free movie ticket, but dad wanted it, but I don't have any money. Angela, Lyd and I were supposed to see a movie tonight and I was all ready to go, so I asked dad if I could have the free ticket, and he wouldn't let me. So Ang and Lyd went without me. But I'm all ready to go out on a Friday night, and I'm sitting in my room.

I don't see anytime in the near future that I'll be going out, because I have no money or friends in town, and my sisters bailed on me! I have done nothing this week. I'm all dressed up. Stupid dad. He doesn't need that ticket. He has money. I'm mad and sad.

Sorry, dad. I don't think your stupid. I'm sure there was a character lesson in this, like "Get a job" or "Parents are people too" or "You're not entitled to free tickets."

After reading a few other passages to Zane, he declared that I was incredibly shallow in high school, and there's no way we would have ever dated then. It took a few years for me mature [significantly] before I would meet Zane, let alone be a good partner for him.

Here's a visual for you from my senior year:
"Give me the movie ticket!!!!"
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