Friday, July 15, 2011

Scraps Keychain

I've been following several new (to me) craft blogs. I get them all confused because many of them link and repost with each other, but at least one of them did a series on what to do with sewing scraps.

I was about to run out the door one Tuesday afternoon when I remembered that I needed to give my friend a spare key to our house, so she could get in while Zane and I were gone on our respective vacations. All the craft blogs I had been reading flooded my brain, and I decided to do a quick 7-minute project.

A keychain for the housekey with our surname initial. 

I wasn't going for fancy or neat and tidy. This is a scrap keychain in full definition, complete with frayed edges. Fifty points for anyone who recognizes the background fabric. 

The "K" was made from drawstrings that I had cut off capris a long time ago. 
I just saved them in my sewing drawer, because that's what I do. 

Go, therefore, and make pieces from your scraps.

Here are some of the craft blogs I started following last week:

Maybe you can find inspiration as I did. 
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