Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Perfect Gift

I'm not a very good gift-giver. In fact, gift-giving holidays bring me anxiety. Christmas is stressful, and I've often wished that it was a non-gift holiday.

Zane is an amazing gift-giver. He remembers all the little things that I mention throughout the year, so his gifts are always purposeful and meaningful. He puts me to shame.

A few months ago we were at World Market for the first time, and Zane wanted to buy this candy thing:
I said, "Do you really want this?" 
He said, "No, I guess not. I mean, it's not even a 1-up." 

When I was in NYC, we went to the huge Toys-R-Us, where there's a life-size Barbie dream house. There's also a ferris wheel in the store. 

In the candy section, there were a bunch of power-ups candy tins, including the 1-up:
So I got it for Zane!

You should have seen his face when I gave him this. He was pretty stoked. Yeah, we're nerds. 

For a horrible gift-giver like me, it was amazing. I triumphed in the souvenir gift, which is another source of anxiety for me. I'll be holding onto this memory for a long time. Hopefully it'll get me through the guilt-ridden after days of Christmas, when all I can think of is how everyone else gives better gifts than me. Not that I would ever compare myself to other people. I mean, really, who does that? 

In addition to the 1-up, Zane loves his NYC hat. Two scores. He also loves his I [Heart] NY shirt. Three scores. 

Hat trick. 
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