Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Daisy's Nursery

Time for the final reveal. My sister helped me organize a lot of the nursery items a few weeks ago, and Zane and I hung the last decorations on Sunday, so we're actually finished with this room! So many components of this room have come together in the last four months. I can't believe it.

Let me give you a tour.

Here's the view from the doorway. 

Daisy's book shelf and rocking chair are both pieces that I re-did earlier this year. The window valances were sewn by my mom. 

Rufio loves hanging out in Daisy's room, probably because I hang out in there a lot. He had all of his toys in the room this day, and I kicked them into the hallway before I started taking pictures, but he brought back in his cow. 

Here's a view from the closet side of the room. 

The Rapunzel art piece was something I did in high school. My art teacher told my mom that she could see me hanging it in my daughter's room someday. Eight years later, that's exactly what I'm doing!

The art piece on the right is a gift from my sister in China. She has a friend who sells these pretty wall hanging paintings. She painted Daisy's name at the top and wrote Daisy's verse in Chinese characters along the left side of the painting. What an awesome gift!

Here's her crib

The bedding was also sewn by my mom. As you can see, we still have stuff on the floor that we just don't know where to put. The car seat will obviously end up in the car, but I still need to find a good place for it when not in use. 

And here's the wall above her crib. 

The pictures were a gift from one of my friends, and the letters were made by my sister Lydia. 

We still have a few things in boxes and bags in the closet, but I don't want or need to deal with them just yet. We're pretty much ready for her to come whenever she wants, except for the whole taking-care-of-an-infant thing. I'm still a little nervous about that! But oh so excited!!
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